What is cassava grater machine?

Cassava Grater

The cassava grating machine is used in garri production to crush peeled cassava into mash before fermentation. It is locally fabricated and made of stainless steel material.

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In this regard, what is grating in gari processing?

The cassava grating machine is widely used in garri processing industry to grate raw cassava into slurry. In cassava procesing industry, raw material is firstly cleaned and begrated into starch slurry, after a series of fermentation, dewatering and drying operation to get final garri.

Similarly one may ask, what is grating machine? The prime objective of the grating machine is to provide a fabrication technology of unusually large size stitchingless, high spatial coherence gratings with moderat cost versus size increase. The basis of the linear unit is a stable hard stone plate finely lapped of highest precision.

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