Can you put resin molds in a pressure cooker?

Simply cast your part in your mold and then insert your mold into the pressure pot. Secure the lid tightly, and then turn on your air supply to fill the pot to 40-50 PSI. (DO NOT EXCEED 50 PSI).

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People also ask, can a vacuum chamber be used as a pressure pot?

Sr Member. It’s possible, but it would not be a good option even if it did work since you really need a window on a vacuum chamber.

Also, can you make your own pressure pot for resin?

Simply so, can you put silicone molds in pressure pot?

Can you use silicone molds in a pressure pot?

There have not been any updates or problems reported with the use of silicone baking through the FDA. For the use of silicone in the pressure cooker, also note that the temperature in a pressure cooker does not exceed 270 degrees, and in most ovens the temperature not exceed 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you need a vacuum chamber for resin?

Vacuum degassing requires a vacuum chamber, which can be expensive. To degas, the mixed resin is placed inside a container and then placed inside the vacuum chamber. The container holding the resin should have enough headspace to accommodate three times the original volume of the resin.

Do you need an air compressor for a pressure pot?

Using the pressure pot is fairly straight forward the pressure diaphragm, and vacuum gauge and you are ready to go. All you need is a compressor to supply 50-60 PSI to your pressure pot.

How do you cure a pressure pot for resin?

How do you make an epoxy resin pressure pot?

How long do you leave epoxy resin in the mold?

When using our casting epoxies; MirrorCast and RiverCast, it is crucial to keep it in its mold until it is fully cured (7 days). While the epoxy may seem hard after a few days, it will not reach its full strength until it has fully cured.

How long do you leave resin in pressure pot?

We use and recommend pressure casting with Alumilite Clear Slow urethane resin if you need to move fast. Most other naturally setting resins require a minimum of 48-72 hours to cure fully.

How much psi do I need for resin casting?

60 Psi

What compressor do I need for resin?

For a smaller and less pricey solution, I would go with at least an 8 gal 125 psi compressor, as it looks like it can provide the pressure for the pot. From the specs I see one like that would give you 5.5 CFM @ 40 PSI. My 2.5 gal pot requires 4.0 CFM @ 40 psi.

Why do you put resin in a pressure pot?

You will need to use a pressure pot to create air-trap-free and bubble-free resin castings, something that is imperative to create clear resin casting. If you have air trapped in resin, and particular clear resin, it can create a cloudy color and you won’t be able to achieve crystal clear castings.

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