Why is my water heater going into vacation mode?

Vacation mode is a setting on your water heater system that allows you to run your boiler at lower temperatures than normal, saving energy. Typically, manufacturers set vacation mode to 50° F—well below the warmth you need to heat your home, but hot enough to prevent any water from freezing while you’re away.

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Besides, how do I get my water heater out of vacation mode?

You may also choose to turn your hot water heater off completely. For gas water heaters, shut off the gas supply to the tank. For electric water heaters, turn off the power to the machine in your breaker box. When you return, simply restore the connections and relight the pilot light if you have a gas water heater.

Consequently, how do I reset my AO Smith water heater? How to Reset Your A.O Smith Water Heater

  1. Go to the electrical panel for your home which is located in the garage or on the exterior walls of the house. …
  2. Head to your hot water tank. …
  3. Press the reset button. …
  4. Return to the electrical panel to flip the breaker switch to the on position.

Also question is, how do I turn my water back on after vacation?

How to Turn Water Back on After Getting Air Out of the Pipes

  1. Allow all faucets and spigots inside and outside the home to remain open from one-quarter to one-third of the way.
  2. Locate the main water valve. …
  3. Turn the main water valve on. …
  4. Open all faucets and spigots another one-quarter to one-third of the way.

Should I turn off my hot water heater while on vacation?

Any time you go on vacation, it’s best to also turn off your water heater as well. Turning off the source of the heat (gas, electric) while you’re away will not damage your water heater. This will save you in power (gas) and potential damage if it leaks too.

Should you turn off your water when on vacation in the winter?

Shut off your water lines and drain them before winter getaways. During winter, the drop in temperatures can make the water in your pipes freeze. When water freezes, it expands, causing pipes to split or burst. To prevent this, first shut off the main water supply.

What should I set my thermostat to while on vacation?

The best rule of thumb is to raise the temperature about 5 degrees from what you primarily keep it at. So if you set it at 74 degrees when you’re home, then set it to 79 or 80 when you go out of town.

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