What are harmonic shears used for?

HARMONIC ACE+ Shears can be used for coagulation and transection of vessels up to 5 mm and handle multiple surgical jobs with precision including dissection, sealing, transection, and otomy creation. The refined blade design includes a tapered tip with a proprietary, nonstick coating.

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Herein, how do you assemble a harmonic scalpel?

Beside this, how does a harmonic scalpel work? A harmonic scalpel cuts via vibration. The scalpel surface itself cuts through tissue by vibrating in the range of 55,500 Hz. The high frequency vibration of tissue molecules generates stress and friction in tissue, which generates heat and causes protein denaturation.

In this manner, how does harmonic ACE work?

An advanced ultrasonic algorithm provides the HARMONIC ACE®+7 Shears with the ability to seal vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter. The system actively monitors the conditions of the tissue within the jaws of the device and responds intelligently to changes in patient tissue conditions.

Is harmonic scalpel bipolar?

Harmonic scalpel uses ultrasound technology to coagulate and to cut tissues.

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What is a Thunderbeat device?

Background: The THUNDERBEAT (TB) is a relatively novel energy device that is used in laparoscopic colorectal resection (LCR), which integrates both ultrasonic and bipolar energy.

What is harmonic focus?

HARMONIC® devices are the undisputed ultrasonic leader proven to minimize the impact on tissue.* HARMONIC FOCUS®+ Shears delivers precise energy to limit lateral thermal spread to protect critical structures during dissection and maximize visualization and control in narrow spaces.

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