Are Cookworks blenders good?

For Cookworks 1.5L Glass Blender we’ve given it an overall score of 9.1 out of 10, which makes it right up there with the very best in the Blenders and smoothie makers category.

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Simply so, can Cookworks blender blend ice?

1.5 litre capacity. 2 variable speed settings and pulse function. Ice crushing function. Suitable for hot liquids.

In this manner, how do you use a Cookworks jug blender?

Regarding this, how do you use a Safeway blender?

How does a Cookworks blender work?

Who owns Cookworks?

Cookworks is but another own label brand that seems only to be sold by Argos and as the name suggests it’s all about cooking products.

Why is my Cookworks blender not working?

My blender doesn’t operate what can I do? Please ensure that the blender jug is placed correctly onto the base. There are alignment marks on both the base & the jug that should be matched up to ensure you have the jug the correct way round. Please also check that your appliance is switched on at the plug point.

Why is my new blender not working?

The most common problem is caused by the jar leaking liquids. The solution is to tighten the base. If this doesn’t solve the problem, inspect and, if necessary, replace the gasket. If the drive stud is turning but the blade assembly isn’t, inspect the assembly socket into which the drive stud fits.

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