What is high water vapor permeability?

Vapour permeability is a material’s ability to allow a vapour (such as water vapour or, indeed any gas) to pass through it. … The higher the value of the permeability of the material, the more rapidly vapour can pass through it. Vapour permeability is the rate at which vapour passes through a material.

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Just so, can water vapour pass through plastic?

Water, as a vapour, can pass through some plastic packaging considerably more easily than expected. It is one of the most damaging contaminants, since in the vast majority of pharmaceutical products the water content has to be accurately maintained.

Keeping this in view, do you want high or low permeability? The permeability of a material is determined by assessing how much a material resists the flow of fluids—if it takes a lot of pressure to squeeze fluid through the material it has low permeability. Conversely, if the fluid travels through easily it has high permeability.

Regarding this, how is moisture permeability measured?

A material’s permeability is measured in units called perms. Standardized industry tests determine how much moisture can pass through a barrier in a 24-hour period. These tests give materials a relative rating that indicates how resistant each one is to allowing moisture vapor to pass through.

Is house wrap vapor permeable?

If water vapor escapes the interior conditioned space or liquid water gets behind the housewrap from the exterior, the permeability of the housewrap protects the sheathing. It allows for water vapor to escape through the exterior of the housewrap. … The higher the “perm number,” the more vapor permeable the materials.

What are the units given for water vapor?

When measured in linear units (millimeters, mm), it is the height (or depth) the water would occupy if the vapor were condensed into liquid and spread evenly across the column. Using the density of water, we can also report water vapor in kg/m2 = 1 mm or g/cm2 = 10 mm.

What does vapor permeable mean?


What is a good perm rating for vapor barrier?

A perm rating of less than 0.1 is considered a Class I impermeable vapor retarder (which is also considered a vapor barrier); perm rating between 0.1 and 1 is considered a Class II semi-permeable vapor retarder; a perm rating between 1 and 10 is a Class III permeable vapor retarder; and a perm rating greater than 10 is …

What is a good WVTR?

WVTR is the standard measurement by which films are compared for their ability to resist moisture transmission, with lower values indicating better moisture protection.

Film Type WVTR @ 100°F (38°C), 90% RH for 1 mil film
(g/100 in2/24 hr) (g/m2/24 hr)
Biax OPP 0.25 – 0.40 3.9 – 6.2

What is OTR and WVTR?

Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is the measurement of the amount of oxygen gas that passes through a substance over a given time period. … Moisture (Water) Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR/WVTR) is the measurement of amount of water vapor that permeates through the substance over a given time period.

What is the unit of water vapor permeability?

Definitions. The U.S. perm is defined as 1 grain of water vapor per hour, per square foot, per inch of mercury. The metric perm (not an SI unit) is defined as 1 gram of water vapor per day, per square meter, per millimeter of mercury. The equivalent SI measure is the nanogram per second per square meter per pascal.

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