Is microwave feminine or masculine in French?

The gender of four à micro-ondes is masculine.

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Similarly, can you make French fries in a microwave?

Are frozen fries suitable for microwaving? We tested several brands of frozen fries in the microwave and found that they are not suitable for this cooking method. The cooked chips had an unpleasant, soggy texture without the crispy exterior that’s crucial to a good French fry.

Also know, how do you say clothes dryer in French? dryer n — sécheuse f [Can. Fr.]

Beside this, how do you spell laundry in French?

laundry n —

  1. lessive f. ·
  2. linge m. ·
  3. buanderie f. ·
  4. blanchisserie f. ·
  5. laverie f. ·
  6. lavoir m. ·
  7. pressing m.

What is French for sofa?

sofa m ⧫ canapé m.

What is radiation in French?

radiation, the ~ radiation, la ~ (f) Noun. rayonnement, le ~ (m) Noun. rayon, le ~ (m) Noun.

What is Taser in French?

shocker m électrique ⧫ taser® m.

What we say washing machine in French?


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• washing machine machine à laver ↔ Waschmaschine

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