What kind of vegetable peeler is best?

Best Vegetable Peelers at a Glance

  • Best Overall Peeler: OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler.
  • Best Budget Peeler: Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler.
  • Best Stainless Steel Peeler: Rösle Stainless Steel Wide Crosswise Swivel Peeler.
  • Best Peeler for Large Vegetables: OXO Large Vegetable Prep Peeler.

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Thereof, do I need a vegetable peeler?

Peel Vegetables

Starting off simple, we recommend you use your peeler as it is intended, to peel fruits and vegetables. Not only will a vegetable peeler help you prep apples, you should also have a peeler on hand when you’re trying to handle fruit that has a softer texture.

Beside above, how do you peel vegetables with a peeler?

Just so, how many types of peelers are there?

There are two main types of peelers; a Y-shaped peeler and a straight peeler.

Is a vegetable peeler the same as a potato peeler?

A vegetable peeler is very similar to a potato peeler, but can vary in size and blade style to make it more suitable to specific foods. For example, tomatoes, with their thin skin and tender flesh, are much easier to peel with a serrated blade.

What are the different types of vegetable peelers?

The 9 Types of Peelers for Vegetables and Fruits

Best Peelers For These Tasks/Needs
Swivel Long items: Carrots, parsnips, asparagus, broccoli
Y-shaped Hard items: Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and apples.
Y-shaped, rotary Speed
Serrated Soft items: Tomatoes, eggplant, etc.

What are vegetable peelers used for?

As its name implies, a peeler removes the peel or skin from fruits and vegetables. Most often, peelers have a steel blade attached to a handle made of steel, metal, rubber or plastic.

What is a citrus peeler?

+ Larger Image. A small narrow utensil designed to remove peels from oranges, lemons, limes and other similar sized fruits with citrus skins. The traditional Orange Peeler is designed with a scoring tool, a slightly curved blade end, and on some utensils, a zesting tool.

What is a Lancashire peeler?

The Lancashire Peeler is the traditional vegetable peeler named because the area was known for its potato growing. Today this traditional straight peeler is a popular option and the Lancashire Peeler with its distinctive stainless steel blade and string wrapped handle is instantly recognisable.

What is a serrated peeler used for?

Serrated peelers are great to use for softer vegetables and fruits, such as peaches and tomatoes. The serrated edges gently cut into the skin and ensure that the peeler does not tear apart the fruit or vegetable. If you find yourself peeling softer items at home, a serrated peeler will save you tons of wasted produce.

What is a speed peeler?

Speed Peeler. Speed up food prep with this easy-to-use metal peeler. It allows you to quickly peel vegetables with minimal wastage and has a de-eyer to remove any blemishes. It can also be used shave chocolate or hard cheeses like parmesan. Suitable for left and right-handed use.

What is julienne peeler?

A julienne peeler is a nifty kitchen tool that works well on a variety of fruits and vegetables, quickly cutting them into thin, elegant strips.

What is Y peeler?

A Y-peeler is a y-shaped vegetable peeler that has horizontal blades at the top of a vaguely y-shaped handle. Unlike most other models of peelers, this one has its blade perpendicular to its handle. The blades swivel.

What kind of peeler do you use for potatoes?

Best Overall Potato Peeler: Swissmar Peeler Scalpel Blade. Best Value Potato Peeler:Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler. Best Traditional Potato Peeler:OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. Best Y-Shaped Potato Peeler:OXO Good Grips Prep Y-Peeler.

What vegetable peeler do chefs use?

After nearly 20 hours of research, testing across two years, and consulting with numerous culinary professionals and chefs, we’re confident that both the Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler and the OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler are the best peelers for most people.

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