What do you wear with an apron?

Wearing an apron prevents your food coming into contact with the dust, dirt, hair, germs and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day. Finally, wearing an apron allows you to make a statement to those around you while you’re cooking.

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Then, how do you tie an apron so it doesn’t hurt your neck?

Put your apron on as-is and tie the strings snugly but comfortably at your natural waist (belly-button-ish). This might bring the upper bib part higher than you’re used to, but that’s where it’s supposed to be. Tighten neck strap to keep apron in position. Ta-da!

Similarly one may ask, how does a 4 way apron work? Wear it 1 of 4 ways, and with a few easy folds, wear it in a different way in seconds! This unique design enables you to fold the apron to the cleanest side, providing you with a cleaner apron surface for wiping your hands during the day. … Watch how easy the 4-way apron is to wear, refold, and wear again!

In this manner, when should aprons be worn in the kitchen?

Aprons are a food safety tool but like any tool, they need to be used effectively to work—they need to be clean, changed frequently, removed before leaving the kitchen or using the restroom, and should be worn over clean clothes. Disposable aprons are also acceptable in most cases.

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