What type of fire suppression systems are used in kitchen hoods?

Wet chemical systems are the most commonly used kitchen hood system. The wet chemical agent suppresses fire by cooling and reacting chemically to produce a foam layer on the grease. The foam seals combustible vapors, stopping the flames from re-igniting.

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Just so, do I need a fire suppression system in my kitchen?

California laws mandate that every restaurant installs suitable fire suppression mechanisms directly over the cooking equipment. Every restaurant owner must invest in a high-quality kitchen fire suppression system.

Also, do Type 2 hoods need fire suppression? The most common type of fire suppression system for range hoods is a sprinkler system. Fire suppression systems are not required for residential range hoods. Most residential hoods don’t have them.

Herein, how does the fire suppression system work?

Suppression agents put out fires by eliminating heat or oxygen or by disrupting chemical reactions. When the system activates, the agent travels from the cylinder to the protected space, either directly through the detection tube or through connected hoses and nozzles.

How much does an ANSUL fire suppression system cost?

The Ansul R-102 uses a low pH liquid agent and is designed for a variety of appliances. It also detects fires in ventilating equipment, including hoods, ducts, and grease extractors. Costs range from around $3,000 to around $5,500.

How often does a kitchen suppression system need to be serviced?

every 6-months

What is a fire suppression unit?

A fire suppression system is an engineered system that includes built-in components that detect fires. They’re used to prevent fires in plant equipment or buildings. These systems may combine dry chemicals, inert gases and water and foam solutions to suppress fires.

What is a kitchen hood suppression system?

Kitchen hoods remove heat, steam, grease, and smoke from the air, creating a more pleasant environment as well as preventing kitchen fires. They are also typically equipped with an automatic wet chemical fire suppression system that are designed to suppress fires and contain them to the point of origin.

What is an Ansul system for a kitchen?

The Ansul Kitchen System is a pre-engineered, automatic fire suppression system that can tackle large, hazardous fires without human intervention. It is the most widely used kitchen suppression system in the world due to its many features and mechanisms to ensure that they are the safest and most reliable solution.

What is K class fire extinguisher?

Class K fire extinguishers offer improved fire control for cooking fires by: Minimizing the splash hazard. Forming a soapy foam on the surface of the hot cooking oil, holding in the vapors and steam, and smothering the fire. (A process known as saponification.)

What is the fire suppression in the kitchen called?

Therefore, hood fire suppression systems are required in all restaurants and commercial kitchens. It serves as a safety measure to help keep fires within control. Also, the system helps to put out fires without shutting down the entire operation of the kitchen.

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