Is Thor range Any Good?

Conclusion: Thor Kitchen has among the highest customer satisfaction ratings from the appliances we sell. Combine that with the high-functioning burners, large capacity and efficient price point, we highly recommend the Thor Gas Ranges.

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Moreover, are Thor ranges made in the USA?

All built to the highest standards of quality, style, and energy efficiency. We’re based in California. Our products are distributed nationwide. We back everything we make with an iron-clad, two-year warranty.

People also ask, does Thor make a 36 electric range? Thor Kitchen 36-in Smooth Surface 5 Elements 6-cu ft Convection Oven Freestanding Electric Range (Stainless Steel)

Consequently, does Thor make an electric range?

THOR Kitchen’s Electric Ranges, available in 30-inch and 36-inch sizes, help get dinner on the table faster while maintaining more energy efficiency. The 36-inch model features five cooking elements, including a 100-watt Warming Zone that prevents cooked food from getting cold.

Does Thor make wall ovens?

Thor Kitchen30 in. Single Electric Wall Oven with Convection and Self-Cleaning in Stainless Steel.

How much does a Thor oven cost?

LP Conversion

List Price After Savings
Our Price After Savings
Natural Gas $2,199.00 $1,799.00
Liquid Propane $2,299.00 $1,899.00

Is Thor a high end appliance?

THOR Appliances is one of the highest-quality brands on the market.

Is Thor the same as Thermador?

If you’re in the market for a high end 48″ gas range, you’ve probably come across the same brand names over and over again: Viking, Wolf, Thor Kitchen, Kucht, Vulcan, Thermador, La Cornue, BlueStar…it’s a rotating cast of boutique brands offering ranges and ovens that cost as much as many pay for used cars.

What company makes Thor appliances?

Thor Kitchen

Where are Thor Kitchen appliances made?

Thor Kitchen appliances are assembled and made in Asia using premium and reliable materials to ensure the highest quality and to offer a professional luxury aesthetic and performance.

Where are Verona ranges made?

Venice, Italy

Where is Thor range made?

The Dual Ring top burners are made in Germany. On medium and high, both inner and outer burners are on for even heat distribution. On low and simmer settings, you’ve got just the inner burner for ultra low simmering when needed. It’ll come all the way down to 650 BTUs.

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