What does the ball in the BlenderBottle do?

Take the silver ball / spring out of the plastic bag and pop it back in your shaker. The shaker ball should stay in the shaker when you add your Nutribuddy powder and liquid to the shaker. During the shaking process the ball bounces around and helps to mix your shake making it as smooth as possible.

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Just so, can a BlenderBottle blend banana?

And yes- believe it or not – you can whip it all up in your BlendeBottle. Before peeling, gently mash the banana with your fingers, open peel on one end, squeeze mashed banana into your BlenderBottle shaker bottle, and shake. What do you snack on when you need a boost?

Beside above, can you put peanut butter in a shaker bottle? The answer is YES, you can in fact mix peanut butter in a blender bottle! Fascinating. Not only is this recipe delicious but I also found that you can actually mix peanut butter in a blender bottle and have it successfully blend into the liquid. Try it out for yourself – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Simply so, do you leave the ball in the BlenderBottle?

For best mixing action, hold the upper half of the bottle firmly and shake by rotating your wrist. The surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall® whisk is designed to remain in the cup while you drink, even if you’re drinking plain water. It will never rust, chip, or peel.

Does the blender ball work?

The blender ball does an excellent job of mixing up drinks and is especially nice with the larger sized bottle that take a little longer to polish off. If your drink starts to separate a quick shake and its all better.

How do you whisk a BlenderBottle?

To use any BlenderBottle® shaker cup to make the smoothest shake imaginable, simply:

  1. Drop the BlenderBall® wire whisk into the bottle, along with your ingredients.
  2. Screw on the lid and snap the flip cap shut.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Enjoy!

Is a BlenderBottle worth it?

With room for 28-ounces, a stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk, and leak-proof lid, the BlenderBottle Classic V2 is ideal for those looking for a simple, no-frills bottle. This bottle is a great value and my go-to for making protein shakes on the run.

What can I use instead of a shaker ball?

2. Grab a water bottle or travel coffee mug with a tight fitting lid. Add the protein powder, your liquid of choice, and a handful of ice cubes. The ice cubes will act like a whisk and help to break up the clumps of powder as you shake.

What is a blender ball wire whisk?

Unlike stationary mesh grates or other in-lid elements, the BlenderBall whips around inside the bottle as you shake, bouncing off both the top and bottom and working against the liquids. The density of the stainless steel and the tried-and-true whisk design allow it to literally cut through powders and liquids.

What is the hole at the bottom of a BlenderBottle for?

I’ve been looking for one since my generic GNC bottle with the little metal ball inside broke. This bottle does an amazing job. It uses what they call cyclone technology to mix the powder. Essentially it has a metal cone on the inside and when you shake your powder and water, the plastic helps break it up and mix it.

What is the use of spring in sipper bottle?

It has a stainless steel spring coil (whisk mixer net) for better mixing and keeps fruit and ice from blocking the bottle nozzle while drinking. The spring coil is the secret to a perfect mix. Its Wide mouth design makes it easier to drink out of.

Why do shaker bottles smell?

Thermoplastics are made up of long chains (polymers) of repeating units of atoms (monomers). These chains layer over each – imagine strands of pearls placed on top of each other. Depending on the plastic, large molecules like water can’t pass through these layers whilst other molecules, some smelly, can be absorbed.

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