Does Walmart have plastic aprons?

Disposable White Poly Aprons 1 Box (100 Count) –

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Hereof, is PVC apron waterproof?

Reusable design: Your poly apron is an ultra-durable 5 mil thick. 5 times thicker than regular disposable aprons. Incredibly tear-proof and waterproof. Reuse it again.

Subsequently, what is vinyl apron? Vinyl aprons are perfect for chemical processing, food handling, and processing, food service, etc. because they protect the wearer from punctures, abrasions, and exposure.

Accordingly, what to do if you don’t have an apron?

Instead of wearing an apron, you can opt for a tight-fitting short-sleeve shirt that you got from the thrift store and don’t mind dirtying. Unless you love experimentation or are new to cooking, it’s unlikely that you’ll stain your clothes.

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