What is the slotted spoon used for?

A slotted spoon is a spoon implement used in food preparation. The term can be used to describe any spoon with slots, holes or other openings in the bowl of the spoon which let liquid pass through while preserving the larger solids on top.

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Accordingly, how do you clean a slotted spoon?


Do wash the utensils in the soapy water fairly quickly after use. Rinse the spoons well under warm water. Dry them with a towel and hang them (from a utensil hook) to finish drying. Hand washes only.

Likewise, how much does a slotted spoon hold? Slotted basting spoons have a wide, slightly curved head, and for salads and buffets, small slotted spoons with deep, narrow heads are also available. On 10-inch models, the heads can hold . 75 ounces of product.

Then, what can you cook with a slotted spoon?

When preparing pasta, oatmeal, sauces, soups, stews, fried foods or other similar items, a Slotted Spoon is a valuable utensil. With a long handle and well positioned slots, the spoon works effectively to keep hands away from hot oils, water or food ingredients while easily draining solutions away from the spoon.

What is a non slotted spoon?

What is a slotted spatula used for?

A kitchen utensil that allows moist foods to be handled while excess liquid easily drains away through the slots or perforations formed in the blade. Often referred to as lifting spatulas, there are a variety of slotted spatulas available with each one built to serve different foods.

What is the function of perforated and slotted spoon?

While perforated serving spoons have small holes to drain excess juice, syrup, or water, slotted serving spoons have large slots to drain thicker liquids like sauces.

What is the function of Tong?

Tongs are the tool that you use to grip something and lift it. They are usually jointed near the handle, with two grippers at the other end, so that you can one-handedly grasp objects. You might use tongs to move something hot, like food or burning logs, or to serve food such as salad, sugar cubes, or noodles.

What is the history of a slotted spoon?

Origin of the Slotted Spoon

The first spoon of this kind was specially made sometime during the 1700s, for preparing an extremely alcoholic and hallucinogenic drink known as absinthe. Unlike the absinthe sold today, the ancient version of this drink was almost 90% more potent.

What is the slotted spoon like utensil used to separate the yolk of an egg from the egg white?

egg separator

What is the use of ladle?

A ladle is a type of cooking implement used for soup, stew, or other foods. Although designs vary, a typical ladle has a long handle terminating in a deep bowl, frequently with the bowl oriented at an angle to the handle to facilitate lifting liquid out of a pot or other vessel and conveying it to a bowl.

Who created the slotted spoon?

Henry Dreyfuss

Who invented Forks?

Although its origin may go back to Ancient Greece, the personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century. Records show that by the 9th century in some elite circles of Persia a similar utensil known as a barjyn was in limited use.

Why do salad servers have holes?

The big hole makes the mixing easy, and the shape is good for scraping the bottom of a round bowl. As Dave Griffith already said, 3 and 4 are for stirring stuff in pans and skillets (making roux, cooking off the liquid in tomato or pepper puree for ajvar-like condiments).

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