Is acaia lunar good for pour over?

I use the lunar for espresso and pourover. Sometimes it can be hard to read the scale numbers below a chemex carafe, but you can still read them. I wouldn’t want a larger scale. I use the scale 7 days a week and love it.

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In this manner, can you use acaia Pearl for espresso?

While our Pearl and Pearl Model S scales can fit on some espresso machines, we would highly recommend not placing them on a wet surface. Please ensure that the drip tray has been wiped dry before placing any scale on it.

Furthermore, how do I change my acaia Lunar settings? Press and hold the tare button to enter each setting’s sub-menu 3. Tap the tare button to scroll through options in the individual settings sub-menu 4. Press and hold the tare button to save selection and exit the sub-menu 5. Tap the power button to exit the settings and return to the Lunar’s Weighing Only modes.

Then, is acaia Pearl waterproof?

Acaia Support

No. None of our scales are waterproof.

Is the acaia Pearl’s worth it?

The Acaia Pearl has long been one of the very best scales you can get for your pour over setup. With interactive features, app connectivity, a long battery life, and more, this scale has been our go-to recommendation for anyone looking at premium options for their pour over kit.

Where is acaia lunar made?


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