Can you grind weed into powder?

And while we understand many prefer the old-school techniques, it is always better getting used to a grinder if you want to enjoy the best smoking experience. If you specifically want your marijuana ground into a fine powder instead of chopped pieces, you will need tools that go harder when grinding the buds.

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Moreover, can a pepper grinder work for weed?

If you’re really desperate and don’t mind getting remnants of weed mixed in with your pepper, put your weed inside an empty pepper grinder and grind it up as you would with peppercorns. This may take a bit of time, but it will definitely get your weed super fine.

Secondly, can you use a pepper grinder for herbs? Conclusion. Your pepper grinder is designed for peppercorns, but sometimes, it can do a wonderful job grinding other spices and certain herbs.

Keeping this in consideration, does grinding up weed lose potency?

If you’re asking if grinding weed up will make your hits more potent, the answer is simply yes.

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