How do I claim my Bosch warranty?

Contact us for assistance. No matter what, no matter when: The Bosch Service Team is here to support you. Reach us at 1-800-944-2904 or text “SUPPORT” to 21432 for quick access to online resources such as owner manuals, servicer finder, FAQs, how-to videos, warranties, parts & accessories search.

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Hereof, does Bosch have a lifetime warranty?

As part of the Lifetime Limited Warranty, Bosch will provide a commercial offer to transition to another product platform at such time as the Buyer’s OTC Encore Product has reached its useful life or the OTC Encore Product platform is discontinued.

Correspondingly, how do I complain to Bosch? Phone number: 080675 21111.

Thereof, how do I contact Bosch Australia?

Bosch’s comprehensive service for home appliances is there for you 24 hours from Monday to Friday: 1300 369 744.

How do I contact Bosch UK?

To talk to one of our advisors, please call 0344 892 8979, choose from one of the following options in the table below, and a member of our customer service team will assist you further with your query.

How do I know if my appliance is under warranty?

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

If you can’t find the paperwork for your appliance purchase, the manufacturer’s website is the next best place to look. Here, you can verify the length of the limited warranty and discover extended warranty information.

How does Bosch warranty work?

With the purchase of a Bosch dishwasher, you’ll get a limited warranty that lasts up to five years. After that, you have the option of purchasing Bosch’s Appliance Service Plan for continued coverage at a price of about $100 per year.

Is Bosch a good brand?

Bosch. Up four places and tied for the sixth spot with a total of 68 points is Bosch. While the brand received a very good rating for gas ranges, it wowed shoppers who purchased dishwashers and cooktops, earning it an excellent rating in those categories. The rest of the scores were good across the board.

Is Bosch German made?

All Bosch Series 8 washing machines are made in Germany, designed to not only fulfil all of the demands for perfection, but also make doing the laundry a little easier, thanks to their clever functions.

Is Bosch in the UK?

Bosch in the UK

In the UK, Bosch employs approx. 4,700 associates across roughly 40 sites. In 2021, Bosch generated revenues in the UK of £2.95 billion. The region is the second largest European market for Bosch after Germany and fourth largest in the world.

What is Bosch?

Bosch is an American police procedural streaming television series produced by Amazon Studios and Fabrik Entertainment starring Titus Welliver as Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch.

Where are Bosch headquarters in Australia?

Clayton, Victoria

Where is Bosch made?

New Bern, NC

Which country owns Bosch?


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