How do I claim warranty Morphy Richards?

Get your Morphy Richards appliances fixed in 3 easy steps!

  1. Register your complaint by calling the Consumer Care Number 022-41280000.
  2. Keep your complaint number handy as our technician visits your home.
  3. Have your appliances fixed at your doorstep in 3 working days.

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Keeping this in view, are Morphy Richards kettles made in China?

Chances are if you buy a kettle or whatever today it will be made in China and break within a short time. Listed here are some British made kettles, toasters, kitchen items, vacuum cleaners (Hoovers), etc + kitchen tools and kitchenware and workwear that’s British made.

In this regard, how is Morphy Richards microwave? Thanks to Morphy Richards for bringing this excellent Microwave oven to the Market. The oven is solid built and its has awesome features which really come in handy. I would suggest all buyers to go through the Manual provided to get the maximum from this oven.

One may also ask, how long is Morphy Richards warranty?


6.1 All goods supplied by us are warranted free from defects for the period stated on the product packaging (which in the case of most of our products is 12 months plus an additional 12 months if the product is registered via this website within 28 days of purchase).

Is Bajaj and Morphy Richards same?

Bajaj Electricals is using the brand Morphy Richards since April 2002, as per the licence agreement with the UK-based firm.

Is Morphy Richards a good brand for iron?

4.0 out of 5 stars Value for money, excellent iron, light weight & press clothes without burning cloths. Good product at reasonable price. One must buy this morphy richards best product than other company,s iron. … Overall excellent iron.

Is Morphy Richards a good brand in India?


Enjoy uninterrupted performance with thoughtful and safety features that are unrivaled in its category. This trust has made Morphy Richards one of the top preferred choices when it comes to buying microwave ovens in India. You can buy the best Morphy Richards microwave oven under Rs.

Is Morphy Richards an Indian brand?

Morphy Richards is a British brand of electrical appliances headquartered in Swinton, in South Yorkshire, England. Its products were formerly made at its historic home of Mexborough, and in other facilities across the United Kingdom.

Is Morphy Richards OTG a good brand?

Morphy Richards is the best OTG brand in India, and it scored 9.1 as an overall score, where we considered Value for money, durability, features, ease of usage, public reviews, and 9 more considerations. Also, we tested a whole range of dishes and figured out that Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60 L is the best model to buy.

Is Morphy Richards owned by Bajaj?

Marketing and service: Morphy Richards is being marketed and serviced in India by Bajaj Electricals Limited., India’s leading appliances company. Thereby offering the Indian customer a two-fold benefit of international quality products and trusted service.

Where is the serial number on Morphy Richards?

Serial number as shown on underside of the appliance. You may also contact us through our website, or visit the site to browse and purchase appliances, spare parts and accessories from the extensive Morphy Richards range.

Which is better IFB or Morphy Richards?

Since IFB can only pay a limited amount in salary to their employees, they can hire only a limited amount of people. Therefore cannot cover and service a large part of India. This means you won’t get your hot coffee for ten days or more. Whereas, Morphy-Richards and Kenstar, are far more efficient.

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