What is the rate of 1kg chicken?

Karnataka Chicken Mutton Fish Price.

Chicken Item Unit Rate per Kg
Chicken ( Skinless) Kilogram ₹ 190
Chicken ( Boneless ) Kilogram ₹ 220

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Subsequently, how much does a chicken weigh?

What’s the Average Chicken Weight? Though chicken breeds vary in size and shape, with some featuring bigger plumage or weightier muscles, their average weight is around 5.7 pounds.

Regarding this, how much does broiler chicken eat? 42 days– Broiler bird consumes poultry feed around 1355 grams in last week & body weight of average around 2620 gram. Till last week the cumulative feed consumption will be 4405 grams.

Moreover, is India cheaper than Pakistan?

Pakistan is 7.1% cheaper than India.

What is chicken price in Pakistan?

Pakistan Average Retail Price: Farm Chicken data was reported at 158.870 PKR/kg in 2018. This records an increase from the previous number of 145.880 PKR/kg for 2017.

country/region Last
Pakistan Average Retail Price: Farm Chicken (PKR/kg) 145.880 2017

What is Chicken rate today?

Hyderabad Chicken Price Today

Variety Quantity Price
Chicken (Kozhi Kari) 1 Kg 160.00
Chicken Liver (Kozhi Kalleeral) 1 Kg 120.00
Country Chicken (Nattu Kozhi Kari) 1 Kg 360.00
Live Chicken (Uyirutan Kozhi) 1 Kg 130.00

What is the price of mutton in Pakistan?

What was Pakistan’s Pakistan Average Retail Price: Lahore: Mutton: Average Quality in 2016?

Last Previous Unit
738.640 2016 698.210 2015 PKR/kg

What is the rate of poultry today 2021?

Chicken rates

City Date Chicken(skin)
Vijayawada 25-11-2021 ₹ 182.56
Anantapur 24-11-2021 ₹ 180.93
Kadapa 25-11-2021 ₹ 190.71
Chittoor 25-11-2021 ₹ 190.71

What is todays chicken rate in Hyderabad?

Andhra Pradesh Chicken Price Today.

Variety Weight Price
Country Chicken (దేశం చికెన్) 1 Kg 360.00
Live Chicken (లైవ్ చికెన్) 1 Kg 130.00
Chicken Liver (చికెన్ కాలేయం) 1 Kg 150.00

Why are chicken prices so high?

The combination factors have forced poultry firms to increase prices and cut production. This, coupled with rise in prices of amino acids and vitamins, which constitute the feed of the birds, have left farmers high and dry.

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