What is a spatula spreader used for?

This well-rounded knife corners the market on multitasking.

Mix, spread, slice and serve, the Spatula Spreader does it all and does it well thanks to its flexible, stainless steel blade with Double-D® edge. It’s the only knife you need at sandwich time. Flexible surface makes this a handy multitasking tool.

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In this regard, how much is a cutco paring knife?

2-3/4″ Paring Knife

Bestseller $72. Perfect for paring fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes, the super-sharp short stainless steel blade gives you maximum control for precision cutting.

Besides, how much is the cutco spatula spreader? Compare with similar items
This item CUTCO Model 1768 Spatula Spreader. . . . . 4.9″ Double-D serrated edge blade…………..5.1″ Highly engineered thermo-resin handle in Classic Brown (sometimes called Black).
Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (66)
Price $12900
Sold By Mystic_1
Material Stainless Steel

Moreover, what is the rubber spatula?

A rubber spatula is a cooking tool that has a rubber head. The handle may be made of plastic, metal, or wood. It is common for these spatulas to be used when cooking with pots and pans that are easily scratched by metal utensils.

What offset spatula?

An offset spatula has a long narrow flexible metal blade with a rounded end and either a plastic or wooden handle to hold on to. The long blade makes it easy to smooth cake batter into the corners of a baking pan and loosen the cake from the sides of the pan after it bakes.

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