Should your cabinet hardware match your appliances?

It’s not always necessary for cabinet hardware to match appliances, but they do need to be complementary. Matte cabinet hardware goes with just about any appliance finish, but with glossier hardware styles, its a smart idea to compare the two before purchasing.

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Beside above, are all kitchen faucets compatible?

There are many different kitchen faucet and sink designs available, but they’re not always compatible. … Kitchen faucets can have from one to four mounting holes. Three holes are used for the spout and two handles. A fourth hole is typically used for an accessory, such as a soap dispenser or side sprays.

Also know, are kitchen faucets universal size? Are All Kitchen Faucets the Same Standard Size? Since there are many different types of kitchen faucets, there is no standard or typical hole size. What is this? The faucet hole size will vary depending on the kitchen faucet you plan to install.

Consequently, can any faucet fit my sink?

Not all bathroom sink faucets work with every sink, so it’s important to make sure the faucet you choose will fit your sink or basin. Standard faucet drillings are centerset, single-hole or widespread.

Can brushed nickel and chrome be mixed?

O’Brien suggests mixing brass and dark bronze, brass and chrome, or brass and nickel, but he says to never mix nickel and chrome. Also, he cautions that there is a limit to how many metal finishes you can mix together in one room. “There should be a main finish choice and maybe one accent,” he says.

Can you mix brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze?

Mixing is fine. You do not have to match your light fixtures, plumbing and hardware.

Can you mix cabinet hardware finishes?

Mixing metal finishes can add dimension and visual interest to a room. Instead of a monochromatic, one-note space, you create intrigue and the illusion of texture. When you mix metals, you can blend styles, making a room look more or less modern depending on your personal taste.

Can you use different size pulls on cabinets?

There is no right or wrong size to choose, but we do recommend choosing pulls that have at least a 3-3/4″ center to center (the distance between the screw holes). … If you choose to use a smaller size throughout, we highly recommend using two pulls on wide drawers.

Do bathroom cabinet pulls have to match faucet?

The cabinet fixtures and hardware in a bathroom do not have to match the faucets. Matching all the hardware to each other is the safest way to make sure the fixtures look cohesive.

Do door knobs have to match faucets?

Bathroom faucets do not need to match doorknobs. If the sink faucet has a unique design element, you can highlight it with an accented metal finish. … Feel free to use one knob on the bathroom side of the door and another on the other side of the door.

Does all hardware need to match?

Most designers agree that hardware should match within the rooms they’re found in a home. This is suggested because it’s easier to create compelling combinations with those guidelines.

How do you know if a faucet will fit?

Make sure to measure your faucet centers. This refers to the distance, in inches, between the pre-drilled faucet holes in the sink or vanity, from the very center of the left hole to the very center of the right hole. These center points should correspond to the center connections of the faucets to be installed there.

Should my kitchen faucet match your appliances?

In short, no, your kitchen faucet should not necessarily match your sink. They can have different colors, finishes, materials, and sometimes even styles. … Matching your kitchen faucet and hardware (cabinet knobs and pulls, appliances) is important to create a visual balance, in any case.

Should the drain match the faucet?

The fact that a drain plug comes with your faucet has more to do with looks than with function. The drain is the only other visible part of the faucet and sink, so the finish has to match the faucet.

What hardware looks good on white cabinets?

Hardware on white cabinets will stand out and steal the show, so it’s a great opportunity to go bold! If you have warm tones, go with gold, black, or bronze hardware. If you have a cold grey tone, then silver, pewter, black, and stainless steel hardware will work.

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