How do you use a Dualit toaster?

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Hereof, can you replace the element in a Dualit toaster?

The elements and timers we supply will fit most Dualit Classic toasters made in the last 40 years* and are easily replaced if one does fail. Please ensure you fit the correct element type in the correct position.

Besides, how do I fix the timer on a Dualit toaster?

Similarly, how do you change the fuse on a Dualit toaster?

How do you fix a toaster that won’t stay down?

How do you make Toasties in a toaster?


  1. Butter the inside of both slices of bread.
  2. Add the ham and the cheese to one slice and then place the other slice on top.
  3. Use a knive to remove all the crusts.
  4. Seal the edges of the sandwich by pressing down firmly with your fingers.
  5. Pop the sandwich into the toaster for 5 minutes.

How do you toast a bagel on a Dualit toaster?

The new bagel function will toast bagels and teacakes to perfection. Simply turn the upper dial to the bagel setting which selects just one side of the element to heat up, therefore toasting the inside of your bagel and warming the other side. At busy breakfast times utilise the handy defrost setting.

How long should a Dualit toaster last?

Repairable toasting – if you can’t stand the thought of your expensive toaster ending its life in landfill then a Dualit Classic range model, such as the Dualit NewGen 2-slot, could be right for you. All parts are fully repairable or replaceable, which Dualit claims means these toasters ‘last a lifetime‘.

What is the warranty on a Dualit toaster?

All parts fitted or work carried out by Dualit will be covered by a 12 month guarantee.

Why do you have to unplug a Dualit toaster?

Dualit has, since 2014, patented and put into production on our domestic and conveyor toasters a thermal protection device which will cause the toaster to shut off if it detects that it is overheating. We are the only toaster manufacturer to have such a device.

Why does my Dualit toaster only toast on one side?

Why is one side of my bread not working? Check the ‘selector’ switch is set correctly. If set to Bagel setting only one side will toast and remember to insert bread from the very left hand slot. One or more of the elements may need replacing, call the helpline or visit for replacements.

Why does toaster toast one side?

Most toasters toast one side more than the other because the heat from the bottom heater is much closer to the bread than the top heater.

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