What are the parts of chef’s knife?

Here are described all the parts of a knife, together with a labeled illustration of a chef’s knife.

  • The Edge. The edge or “cutting edge” is the sharpened part of the blade which does the actual cutting and slicing. …
  • The Tip. …
  • The Belly. …
  • The Heel. …
  • The Bolster. …
  • The Spine. …
  • The Tang, Handle Scales, and Pins. …
  • The Butt.

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Likewise, people ask, what are 5 parts of a chef knife?

The Different Parts of a Kitchen Knife

  • Point. The sharp end of the blade that tapers to a point, hence the name. …
  • Edge. The edge is the actual working part of a knife. …
  • Tip. The tip is used for delicate cutting.
  • Heel. The lower part of the blade, close to the bolster.
  • Spine. …
  • Bolster. …
  • Scales (handle) …
  • Handle Fasteners.
Simply so, what are parts of a knife called? Edge – The edge is the cutting part of the blade. It extends from the point to the heel of the knife. Heel – The heel is the rear part of the edge, opposite the point. Spine – The spine is the top of the knife blade, opposite the knife edge.

Thereof, what are the 6 parts of a chef knife?

What Are the Parts of a Knife?

  • The point and tip.
  • The edge.
  • The spine and the heel.
  • The bolster.
  • The handle.
  • The handle fasteners.
  • The tang.
  • The butt.

What are the 9 parts of the knife?

Knife Buyer’s Guide – 9 Key Parts of a Knife

  • Clip Point.
  • Drop Point.
  • Tanto.
  • Sheepsfoot.
  • Dagger/Needle Point.
  • Spear Point.
  • Trailing Point.
  • Gut Hook.

What are the two basic parts of a cook’s chef’s knife?

The lower cutting part of the knife is composed of two different areas. The heel – this is the first part of the cutting edge right after the bolster and its shape can either be spear point, granton, or smooth. The edge is the other composing part of the cutting part and it is the actual cutting edge.

What is the sharp edge of a knife called?

The cutting edge is the bottom edge of the blade that runs from the heel to the tip of the blade. It is very sharp and can be straight cut or serrated. The cutting edge is used to slice, cut or chop food items both large and small, with the middle of the blade being used most often.

What is the spine of a knife called?

Spine: The unsharpened “back” or “top” of a knife. The spine is the side opposite the sharp edge. Double-edged knives do not have spines. Swedge: Also known as a “false edge,” this is a portion of the knife’s spine that is unsharpened but has been ground to give the appearance that it is.

What is the tang on a knife?

A tang or shank is the back portion of the blade component of a tool where it extends into stock material or connects to a handle – as on a knife, sword, spear, arrowhead, chisel, file, coulter, pike, scythe, screwdriver, etc.

What part of a knife is the hilt?


Which part of the knife is called as bevel?

Difference between a bevel and an edge

The edge of the knife is the sharpest part of the knife that slices into the ingredient. It is located on the bottom-most part of the knife, extending from the heel to the tip. The bevel is the angle leading to the edge of the knife; the component that is ground to form the edge.

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