What size stock pots are there?

The most common stock pot sizes are 6-quart, 8-quart, 12-quart, and 16-quart. They go up to 20-quart and beyond, but those sizes are primarily used in commercial kitchens. Stock pot sizes vary by brand and collection.

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Similarly one may ask, can a Dutch oven be used as a stock pot?

If you don’t have a stockpot, you can cook a soup or stock in a large Dutch oven. Because they’re designed to go in the oven, you can even use them for baking. They work especially well for cornbread; their ability to hold heat yields a wonderfully crispy exterior.

Also, can you cook pasta in a stock pot? Bring the stock to a boil in your pasta pot over a medium-high heat. … Cook the pasta in the stock until it is al dente. You will notice the starch from the pasta thickens the stock to create a sauce. Add a little more stock or water if the sauce gets sticky.

Herein, do you really need a stock pot?

Stock Pot. … While these large metal pots are great for making stock, they can also be used for making soups, cooking pasta or boiling potatoes. For any recipe that requires a large volume of liquid and ingredients, or if you’re cooking for a large group, the stockpot should be your go-to vessel.

How big is a 16 qt pot?

Overall Dimensions:

Top Diameter: 11 9/16 Inches. Bottom Diameter: 10 1/4 Inches. Height: 10 1/8 Inches. Gauge: 21 Gauge.

How big is a 20 qt bowl?

18 3/4 Inches
Height 5 1/4 Inches
Top Diameter 18 3/4 Inches
Capacity 20 qt.
Color Silver

How big is a 20qt stock pot?

Overall Dimensions:

Top Diameter: 12 3/8 Inches. Height: 10 1/2 Inches. Capacity: 20 qt.

How big should a stock pot be UK?

5 to 5.5 litres: A soup pot of this size will be great for most tasks, but a bit small for batches of soup. 5 to 7 litres: Anything up to 7 litres is great for poaching a chicken, but for large quantities of stock or soup, this again can be bit restricting.

How do I know what size my stock pot is?

Measure the width of the pot by the diameter of the inside of the pot, between the upper inside edges. Measure the height of the pot by the length perpendicular to the base of the cooking surface and topmost lip. Do not include the lid and handles in the pot’s height.

How do you cook stock pots?

Simply add the stock directly to your dishes, or, dissolve into 500ml of boiling water. Additionally, for a lighter stock, use 750ml of water. Either way, Knorr stock will be ready in minutes!

How tall is a 12 quart stock pot?

7 1/4 Inches

How tall is a standard stock pot?

“Product Dimensions 18 x 13 x 12 inches“: This appears to be about right with the lid on and including the handles to get a width of 18, a depth of 13 and height of 12. This would be the space required to store the pot and lid. measures: 12.5 in. Diameter, 10.25 in.

What is a good size soup pot?

A 7-9-quart pot is sufficient for entertaining and big-batch cooking. You can find them in larger sizes, as well; up to 13 quarts. This pot can do so much more than simmer together a silky sauce—it’s convenient for smaller batches of dried beans and grains. Seek out pans that are sturdy and heavy (no aluminum).

What is a good size stock pot for soup?


What is heavy bottom pot?

Heavy-bottomed pots and pans are thicker at the base, meaning they tend to absorb and distribute heat from a stovetop burner more evenly than a thin pot or pan. … A heavy-bottomed pot or pan will heat and cook your ingredients more evenly.

What is the difference between a stock pot and a soup pot?

Stock pots have thin bottoms (stainless steel, copper, or aluminum) that conduct heat quickly and evenly to promote a rapid boil. Soup pots have heavy-duty bases (tri-ply stainless/aluminum) designed to conduct heat consistently yet prevent burning during slow simmers.

What pot is best for soup?

Best Stockpots at a Glance

  • Best Overall: Cuisinart 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid.
  • Top-Rated: Homichef 16-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.
  • Best for Large Batches: Mainstays 20-Quart Stockpot.
  • Best for Beginners: Cook N Home 12-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Cooks Standard 12-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.

What size is the biggest stock pot?


What size is the largest pot?

A stockpot is typically the largest pot in the kitchen. You can buy them in sizes starting at 8 quarts, which is a fine size for cooking pasta, but for a great multipurpose, large pot, we recommend a 12-quart.

What size stock pot do I need for a whole chicken?

Buy these sizes: A 5.5-quart pot is a great start—it’ll hold a whole chicken! A 7-9-quart pot is sufficient for entertaining and big-batch cooking. You can find them in larger sizes, as well; up to 13 quarts.

What size stock pot do I need Litres?

Stock Pot Size Chart

Size in Quart Size in Liter
8 quart 7.57 liter
10 quart 9.46 liter
12-14 quart 11.35 – 13.24 liter
16-20 quart 15.14 – 18.92 liter

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