Which brand digital thermometer is best in India?

Price Summary of 10 Best Digital Thermometer Options in India

S No. Product Name Price
1 AmbiTech PHX-01 Digital Thermometer with One Touch Operating For Child and Adult Oral or Underarm Use (Made in India) Rs. 220
2 Medtech Digital Thermometer Rs. 285
3 MCP Digital Thermometer F Scale Rs. 250

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Accordingly, how much does a digital thermometer cost in India?

Digital thermometers can read the temperature from 94°F to 105°F.

Thermometer Type Min Price Max Price
Infrared Thermometers Rs 550/Piece Rs 2590/Piece
Likewise, how much does a digital thermometer cost? Digital oral thermometers cost between $5.50 and more than $20, depending on the amount of time required for a reading and features of the thermometer.

Keeping this in consideration, is 99 a fever?

An adult probably has a fever when the temperature is above 99°F to 99.5°F (37.2°C to 37.5°C), depending on the time of day.

Is 99.7 a fever?

Normal body temperature ranges from 97.5°F to 99.5°F (36.4°C to 37.4°C). It tends to be lower in the morning and higher in the evening. Most healthcare providers consider a fever to be 100.4°F (38°C) or higher. A person with a temperature of 99.6°F to 100.3°F has a low-grade fever.

What brand of digital thermometer is best?

The best thermometers you can buy

  1. iProven DMT-489. Best thermometer overall. …
  2. Vicks ComfortFlex. Best thermometer for infants. …
  3. Chooseen Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer. A flexible thermometer option. …
  4. Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer. Best smart thermometer. …
  5. Kinsa QuickCare. …
  6. Elepho eTherm. …
  7. Braun ThermoScan 7.

What is a normal forehead temperature?


What temperature is normal?

The average body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C). But normal body temperature can range between 97 F (36.1 C) and 99 F (37.2 C) or more. Your body temperature can vary depending on how active you are or the time of day. Generally, older people have lower body temperatures than younger people have.

What thermometer do hospitals use?

Hospital thermometers such as TRITEMP™ use sophisticated TAP&TAKE technology, meaning that the healthcare professional simply aims the device at the patient’s forehead, and receives an accurate core body temperature reading in seconds.

Which thermometer is best for adults?

A quick look at the best thermometers

  • Best overall thermometer: CHOOSEEN Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer 8-in-1.
  • Best ear thermometer: Braun Thermoscan 7.
  • Best oral thermometer: Vicks ComfortFlex Thermometer.
  • Best forehead thermometer: Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.

Which thermometer is best for Covid 19?

No-touch or non-contact infrared thermometers measure temperature through the forehead from a close distance in seconds. They may be used on newborns and older people. They’re easy to use and may reduce the risk of spreading disease by allowing more physical distancing.

Which type of thermometer is the most accurate?

Digital thermometers

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