What hardware goes with espresso cabinets?

Sleek hardware pairs beautifully with espresso Shaker cabinets. Because of the recessed panel and single-line frame, espresso Shaker cabinets have a contemporary look that pairs well with modern hardware. Choosing straight-lined hardware in stainless steel, nickel, or brushed nickel can make the cabinets stand out.

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Secondly, does the kitchen faucet have to match the cabinet hardware?

Does cabinet hardware have to match your faucet? No. But, traditionally kitchens and bathrooms will match hardware finishes to the faucet to tie the finishes in the room together. Matching cabinet hardware to your faucet creates a cohesive look.

Simply so, what hardware should I use for dark cabinets? For darker cabinetry, Crupi recommends an oil-rubbed bronze finish that gives “a little less contrast and more of a ‘furniture look’ than a ‘kitchen cabinet look. ‘” Long bar pulls in stainless steel on Shaker-style cabinetry offer clean lines that keep this contemporary kitchen clutter-free.

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