Are echelon cabinets solid wood?

Echelon Summit combines solid-wood doors, expansive styles and premium finishes – plus all of the organizational accessories you need to create the dream kitchen that was truly built for you.

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Similarly one may ask, does Armstrong still make kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen designers are being introduced to two new cabinetry brands today. … In 2012, Armstrong World Industries, which also manufactures flooring and ceiling products, sold its Armstrong Cabinets division to American Industrial Partners (AIP), which took the brand private.

Regarding this, what are Echelon cabinets made of? Construction available on all cabinet styles. Incredible durability and strength from all-plywood box construction. Hardwood plywood sides and bottom panels provide resistance to swelling from water exposure. Interior protected by clear coat sealer finish for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Additionally, where is Echelon cabinets made?

The company headquarters are based in Texas while the primary production/manufacture facilities are in Thompsontown, Pennsylvania. The original Armstrong company sold its cabinet business because they wanted to focus solely on floorings and ceilings.

Who owns Armstrong cabinets?

Scott Armstrong –

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