Has anyone won 3 Super Bowls in a row?

Among those, Dallas (1992–1993; 1995) and New England (2001; 2003–2004) are the only teams to win three out of four consecutive Super Bowls.

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Secondly, has any NFL team 3 peated?

Only the 1994 Cowboys, the 1990 49ers and the 1976 Steelers made it to the conference championship. Last year, the Patriots joined the 1992-95 Dallas Cowboys as the only teams to win three Super Bowls over a four-year span.

Likewise, has Tom Brady won 2 Super Bowls in a row? Tom Brady and the New England Patriots secured back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time since the Denver Broncos in the 1997-1998 and 1998-1999 seasons. Only six teams had achieved the honor before the Patriots. The Pittsburgh Steelers are still the only team in NFL history to win consecutive titles more than once.

Moreover, what team lost 4 Super Bowls in a row?

the Bills

Who has the most Super Bowl losses in NFL history?

The Patriots and Broncos are tied for the most Super Bowl losses (five). The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans are the four teams to have never appeared in a Super Bowl, although the Browns and Lions won NFL Championships before the merger.

Who won 4 Super Bowls in a row?

the Buffalo Bills
(1966–1969) (1970–present)
National Football League (NFL) National Football Conference (NFC)

Who won the most Super Bowls back-to-back?

1974-75 Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowls 9 & 10) & 1978-79 Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowls 13 & 14) The 1970s Steelers are considered one of the most dominant teams in pro football history, winning four Super Bowl titles in a six-season span.

Who won the most Super Bowls in a row?

1. Longest Super Bowl Win Streak – San Francisco 49ers. In the 1980s and 1990s, the San Francisco 49ers went to five Super Bowls and won them all.

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