How do you separate objects in blender?

Fortunately, there is. While in Edit mode, press P→Selection, and your new primitive is separated into its own object. You can also access this function in the 3D View’s header menu (Mesh→Vertices→Separate→Selection).

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Similarly one may ask, can an object have two parents in blender?

For non-inverse-mode, press Shift-Ctrl-P instead. … In general when using Ctrl-P or 3D View Header ‣ Object ‣ Parent to parent objects, the Child Objects can only have one Parent Object. If a Child Object already has a Parent Object and you give it another parent then Blender will remove the previous parent relationship.

Also question is, how do I clear my parents?

Subsequently, how do I move my parents in blender without a child?

Since Blender 2.81 the transformation can be limited to affect only the parents. The setting can be found in the header of the 3D View inside the drop down labelled Options. Once activated you can move, rotate and scale the parent object without affecting its children.

How do you separate loose parts?

How do you Unparent in blender?

To remove a parent relationship: select the child in Object mode, and press ALT + P to bring up the clear-parent menu.

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