Are Danisnotonfire and amazing Phil together?

Dan and Phil met on the Internet in 2009 and in person that October. They have lived together since August 2011, first in Manchester before moving to London in July 2012.

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Beside this, has Daniel Howell quit YouTube?

Why Daniel Howell quit YouTube. Daniel Howell revealed that the social media video platform has been taking a toll on him, claiming that he was “burnt out from being a YouTuber.” After his last upload where he came out, Howell was excited for new endeavors where he wouldn’t have to hold back his true self anymore.

Also know, is Dan Howell in a relationship? Dan appears to have taken a YouTube hiatus since his coming out video. Although he and Phil haven’t worked together in a while, their connection remains strong. At the present, there appears to be no romantic tension between the two. Their relationship appears platonic, and they seem happy with it.

In respect to this, is Dan Howell retired?

Howell said he felt betrayed and that his whole life story “ended in ruin”. However, despite all that, Howell said that he’s not going to quit YouTube. He did not mention if any of his other projects such as Dan is not okay will be coming back but he did announce will be kicking off 2022 in a solo world tour.

Is Dan still dating Phil 2020?

After seeing many fans asking about his relationship status, Dan finally broke his silence. The YouTuber confirmed he wanted to keep things private.

When did Dan Howell change his name?

1 May 2017

Why did Danisnotonfire change his name?

The reasons for the change are myriad, including the fact that it’s better suited for professional endeavors. Howell also said that the username, which he created as a teenager, no longer gels with his current identity. “No one knows how to say it or spell it,” he adds.

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