How do I make labels for insect collection?

The most important label should be mounted closest to the insect. This label must have the name of the state and county where the insect was collected, as well as the date and the name of the collector. The label should be positioned in line with the length of the insect.

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Consequently, can isopropyl alcohol be used to preserve insects?

If you put a small insect in a large jar, you’ll waste rubbing alcohol. Most rubbing alcohol is a 70% solution—this should work well for preserving your insects. Stronger rubbing alcohol—at 80 or 85%–is also appropriate, as some insects are better preserved with a stronger alcohol.

Hereof, how Big Should insect labels be? Positioning Labels

Labels should be at a maximum height of 20mm from the bottom of the pin, unless the body of the insect forces it to be lower. Labels ALWAYS have the top line oriented on the specimen’s right (for regular pinned specimens) or perpendicular to a point-mounted specimen.

Beside this, how do I make a bug collection?

Try hanging a white sheet or cloth near a porch light or backyard light. You will find that many different kinds of insects, especially moths, will land on the sheet. They can be collected off the sheet by hand or with a pair of tweezers.

How do you label insect vials?

Labels should always be placed in vials with the left side down, with the writing against the glass and with no insects between the label and the glass. Care should be taken that the label is not caught between the glass and the cone of the lid, as this will allow the alcohol to evaporate.

How do you pin a bug?

Pin through the center of thorax between the bases of fore wings. In the absence of specific information, pin insects through the thorax just to the right of center. One-half inch of the pin should project above the insect for easier handling of the specimen. Use a pinning block to measure this distance.

How do you preserve bugs in vials?

An even better method of preserving caterpillars, grubs, and maggots, is to carry them home alive in separate plastic or glass containers, then submerge them for 1 to 2 minutes in boiling water. After this they can be immediately placed in the vials of alcohol.

How do you relax insects before pinning?

To relax your insect specimens, you will need a plastic container with an airtight lid that is large enough to hold all of the insects you want to soften plus several layers of wet paper towels. The moisture from the wet towels will soften the bodies of the insects without harming or discoloring them.

How long do pinned insects last?

The Guiness Book of World Records lists the oldest known pinned insect specimen from a natural history bug collection is about 300 years old, which is far younger than the lice found on mummies. Given the proper preservation conditions, dried insects can stick around for quite some time… possibly thousands of years.

Is insect collecting cruel?

Inappropriately catching and framing a butterfly can be cruel just by their treatment alone, especially if they are injured or starved in the process. All that being said, if a butterfly is deceased, it is not cruel to frame it.

What liquid do you preserve insects in?

ethanol alcohol

What should you put on an insect label?

The locality should be a well known place name. Other information such as habitat, method of collection, time of day or the host plant may also be valuable information to record on your label. A second label is used to write the classification or name of the insect.

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