How do rig tongs work?

Rig tongs are used for one of two things; to either breakout or makeup casing, tubing or drill pipers. … The first set of tongs is tied to the derrick with a cable or chain, while the second set is pulled with mechanical catheads.

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In this regard, what are drilling tongs?

1. n. [Drilling] Large-capacity, self-locking wrenches used to grip drillstring components and apply torque. As with opposing pipe wrenches for a plumber, the tongs must be used in opposing pairs.

Keeping this in consideration, what are power tongs used for? Power tongs are essentially large pneumatically or hydraulically operated rig tongs used for turning when making up or breaking out drill pipe, casing, tubing, or other pipe.

Just so, what are Tong dies made of?

Dies are pieces of serrated steel installed in the tongs that grip the tool joint of drill pipe when the tongs are latched onto the pipe. Tong dies are made of alloy steel, and their hardened surfaces resist wear. The inner ductile core minimizes the shock of impact and torque.

What are Tong dies?

While running in or pulling out tubulars at oil rigs the joints (tool joints) are tightened or loosened with the help of manual tongs or power tongs. Dies are the principal element in the Manual Tongs and Power Tongs which carry out the job of gripping the tool joints, before torque application.

What is a kelly rig?

A kelly drive is a type of well drilling device on an oil or gas drilling rig that employs a section of pipe with a polygonal (three-, four-, six-, or eight-sided) or splined outer surface, which passes through the matching polygonal or splined kelly (mating) bushing and rotary table.

What is BHA oil and gas?

The Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) is a key component of the drilling system, consisting of various components and tools (including the drill bit itself) which operate at the bottom of the wellbore and physically drill the rock.

What is hydraulic casing?

Hydraulic casing jacks are used as lifting equipment for lifting of casing, tubing & drill pipes and are also used to easily pull out trapped pipes or broken parts from deep digs. … This hydraulic casing jack can pull out medium size hangers in under 40 to 45 minutes.

What is hydraulic power tong?

MOT’s Hydraulic Power Tongs are used for running or pulling tubular strings during well repair, workover, snubbing, drilling and casing operations to extract oil and gas from wells.

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