Are thermocouples universal?

Universal thermocouples come in lengths from 15 to 36 inches. An 18 or 24 inch will suffice for all residential water heaters using universal kits. Almost all older waters heaters and many of the newer style units with a sealed burner compartment and a viewing window will use this thermocouple.

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One may also ask, can I replace my own thermocouple?

It’s easy to replace and a new one costs $5 to $10. Rather than trying to unfasten the thermocouple inside the water heater’s burning chamber, it’s easier to remove the whole burner and thermocouple assembly.

Herein, how do I know what kind of thermocouple I need? How to choose a Thermocouple

  1. Determine the application where you will use the thermocouple sensor. …
  2. Determine the temperature ranges the probe will be exposed to. …
  3. Determine how important a fast response time is. …
  4. Consider any chemical, abrasion or vibration resistance. …
  5. Consider any installation requirements.

Thereof, how do I know what thermocouple I have?

How do I reset my AO Smith water heater?

How do I reset my AO Smith water heater?

  1. Disconnect the Unit. Before you do anything, make sure there’s no electricity reaching the unit by disconnecting it.
  2. Locate and Remove Cover Plate. For this step, you’ll need a screwdriver.
  3. Take out the Insulation.
  4. Click the Reset Button.
  5. Reassemble and Turn On.

How do you change a thermocouple on a AO Smith Promax water heater?

How do you clean a thermocouple on a water heater?

Clean the thermocouple – using the emery cloth sandpaper, sand the ends of the thermocouple and then give it a finishing touch with the lint-free cloth. Hopefully, you can get to the ends of the thermocouple without having to detach it from the assembly, but you may have to do that.

How do you remove an AO Smith thermocouple?

How do you replace a thermocouple?

How to Replace a Thermocouple

  1. Open the Access Cover. Remove the furnace’s access cover. …
  2. Remove the Old Thermocouple. Using an open-end wrench, unscrew the nut that holds the thermocouple end fitting into the gas control valve. …
  3. Install the New Thermocouple. …
  4. Connect the Gas. …
  5. Turn on the Gas and Power.

How do you replace the thermocouple on a gas water heater?

How long is AO Smith water heater warranty?

Best of all, our water heaters are equipped with up to a 10-year limited warranty—ensuring reliable hot water delivery in your home for many years to come. A. O. Smith has a rich 145-year-old history and has positively contributed towards America’s product innovations and resilience as a nation.

What does a hot water heater thermocouple look like?

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