Is Petromax a good brand?

Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment, outdoor cooking and living. The coordinated product world of the premium brand Petromax combines German tradition and technical innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details.

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People also ask, are Petromax lanterns still made?

This is the famous original Petromax Lantern, originated in 1910 in Berlin, Germany. Today, with updates and improvements, it is still precision manufactured and engineered in Germany, using parts sourced in Germany and other countries.

In this regard, how do I season my petromax Dutch oven? Coat the whole pot and lid with the Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner or with a neutral oil / vegetable fat. Place the Dutch Oven (w/o lid) in a preheated oven at approx. 180 °C (356 °F). Let it season there for 1 to 2 hours and then switch off the oven.

Hereof, how do you clean a petromax Dutch oven?

Use a commercially available dishwashing brush or a sponge (not a metal scrub pad) to clean the cast iron product. We recommend the Petromax Chain Mail Cleaner for cast and wrought iron to remove cooking remains without damaging the patina.

How do you clean Petromax?

Apply the Cleaning polish on a soft cloth, such as the Petromax Polishing Cloth, and apply it by circular motions on the polishing surface. After a short drying time, remove any residues with a soft cloth. Keep out of reach of children.

How do you use a petromax Dutch oven?

What is a Petromax lantern?

Petromax is a brand name for a type of pressurised paraffin lamp (US: kerosene lamp) that uses a mantle. They are as synonymous with the paraffin lamp in Continental Europe as Tilley lamps are in Britain and Coleman lanterns are in the United States.

Where are petromax Dutch ovens made?


Where are Petromax products made?


Which fuel is used in Petromax?


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