How do you use an oxo mandoline?

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People also ask, can you sharpen an oxo mandoline blade?

The blade of the mandoline is extremely sharp, but will dull with heavy usage. It is possible to send the blade to a professional for sharpening, but using a sharpening stone, or whetstone, is a more cost-effective way of restoring your blade to its former glory.

Moreover, how do you clean an oxo mandoline? OXO’s user-friendly Mandoline is the perfect tool for creating culinary sensations quickly and easily. Please familiarize yourself with its variety of blades and cutting options, perfect for slicing your favorite fruits and vegetables. For safe operation, always use the Food Holder. CAUTION!

Besides, how do you cut potatoes on a mandolin?

How do you julienne carrots with an oxo mandoline?

How do you make french fries with a mandolin?

Waffle Fries

Mandoline setting: Wavy blade, “Waffle (#)” setting Cut your potato in half widthwise and place the cut side down. Between each slice, rotate the potato and food holder 90 degrees. If thicker waffle fries are your thing, set the thickness dial one click thicker than the waffle setting.

How do you make waffle fries with an oxo mandoline?

How do you put a blade in a oxo mandoline?

How do you set up a mandoline slicer?

How do you use a hand held mandoline slicer?

How do you use a mandolin without cutting yourself?

How do you use a mandoline dial slicer?

How do you use a mandoline julienne?

Is oxo mandoline dishwasher safe?

The OXO SoftWorks V-Blade Mandoline is a safe, versatile food slicer. … When you’re finished, clean the Mandoline body in the dishwasher, then fold the feet in and lock the selector knob for safe, compact storage.

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