What is grating in gari processing?

The cassava grating machine is widely used in garri processing industry to grate raw cassava into slurry. In cassava procesing industry, raw material is firstly cleaned and begrated into starch slurry, after a series of fermentation, dewatering and drying operation to get final garri.

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Thereof, is cassava a yucca?

What is it: Yuca, pronounced YOO-ka, is the root of the Cassava plant. Its name can be confusing because of its similarity to the southeastern United States desert plant native called the yucca (pronounced YUHK-a). The two are unrelated, though the spelling is often used interchangeably.

Simply so, what is fermented cassava? Submerged fermentation involves the soaking of whole peeled, cut and peeled, or unpeeled cassava roots in water for various periods, as typified by the production of fufu and lafun in Nigeria. Traditionally, cassava is fermented for 4 to 6 days in order to effect sufficient detoxification of the roots.

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