What is a spatula used for in dentistry?

A spatula in dentistry is a very useful instrument used to mix sealing materials (silicones, cements, etc.), to color retraction wires or to separate matrices, among other functions. Also in this section there are also modeling carvers .

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Secondly, what are dental excavators?

Dental Excavator is a specialized instrument designed to remove carious dentin from the tooth surface. It is ideal for preventing tooth decay among small animals. This double-ended instrument has an angled working-end that aid in accessing the problematic parts of the mouth cavity.

Beside above, what is dental burnisher? Burnishers are dental hand instruments, normally used at the end of dental restoration procedures or operations. They are used for polishing and contouring amalgam fillings and to polish composite fillings. … The working tips of dental burnishers, either or both, are rounded and smooth.

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