Will KitchenAid replace my mixer?

We’re so confident the quality of our products meets the exacting standards of the KitchenAid brand that, if your Stand Mixer should fail within the first year of ownership, we will replace your Stand Mixer with an identical or comparable replacement.

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In this regard, do all appliances have Prop 65 warning?

They indicate that the warning refers to the inner components of the appliances. Is this your understanding with home appliances? This Prop 65 Warning appears to be on most if not all home appliances (Range, Dishwasher, Microwave, Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer).

Likewise, people ask, do all kitchen appliances have Prop 65 warning? Additionally, some internal components of household appliances such as the motor or power cord may contain chemicals on the Prop 65 list and therefore require a Prop 65 warning. In accordance with Prop 65, Everything Kitchens displays the Prop 65 warning when advised by the manufacturer that a warning must be present.

Secondly, do refurbished KitchenAid mixers come with warranty?


All KitchenAid® certified refurbished products are backed by a 6-month or 1-year limited warranty* and a free 30-day return.

Does KitchenAid still have a lifetime warranty?

KitchenAid® cookware has a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty will cover any manufacturing, material or workmanship defects. It does not cover normal wear, abuse, accidents.

How do I know if my appliance is recalled?

Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls … and notice how you can go directly to the section on appliance recalls. In the search box (upper right corner), enter the type of appliance you want to search for.

How do I know if my KitchenAid mixer is refurbished?

Essentially, a refurbished mixer is one that might have been gently used at one time, or come from the factory with a minor flaw, but has been restored fully to its former glory. Refurbished KitchenAid products are thoroughly inspected to ensure their functionality is up to par, if not higher.

How long do KitchenAid mixers last?

15 years

Is there lead in KitchenAid mixer?

2014: as high as 2,434 ppm Lead [90 ppm is unsafe in items intended for use by kids.] When tested with an XRF instrument almost all of the KitchenAid brand mixer attachments (of the many that I have tested to date) have been positive for Lead*.

What does it mean if a product has a Prop 65 warning?

Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment.

What metal are KitchenAid mixers made of?

stainless steel

Why do KitchenAid mixers have Prop 65 warning?

Prop 65 Warning for decorated glassware: “WARNING: The materials used as colored decorations on the exterior of this product contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

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