What are the parts of can opener?


Part Number Part Name Function
010 Magnet Keeps opener mounted to can lid Lifts top of can off when opener is lifted off
011 Reverse Switch Reverses the direction of the motor
012 Manual Pinion Allows manual rotation of the gear system using a screwdriver
013 Positive Terminal Attaches to positive end of battery

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Also question is, can opener gears slipping?

Most problems with the gear slipping or not turning smoothly are because of built-up dirt or grease in the gears. Clean between every tooth in both gears, rinse and air dry the opener. Tighten the gear assembly if cleaning does not fix the problem of smooth gear movement.

One may also ask, how do you change the gear on a Edlund electric can opener?

Moreover, how do you clean a commercial can opener?


  1. Soak it: Put your can opener, gears-down, into the Mason jar, then add enough vinegar to cover the working parts. …
  2. Let it sit: Wait at least a few minutes (or hours, if your can opener is really bad). …
  3. Scrub: Bring the jar over to the sink. …
  4. Add soap: Add some dish soap to your toothbrush.

How do you remove gear from Edlund can opener?

How do you sharpen a swing away can opener?

How do you use the Edlund manual can opener?

What is the top part of a can opener called?

Circular Knife or Blade

A round blade is used to pierce the metal and open the can in manual and electric can openers.

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