What blender is as good as a Vitamix?

Try the KitchenAid, Cleanblend, Breville and Blendtec. These come with few or no accessories. If you prefer a little more variety in your blender accessories, you can try the Ninja, NutriBullet or Oster. Each of these comes with several cups, blades, and some even come with recipe books.

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Regarding this, can you put a whole apple in a Vitamix?

apple: Skin is fine, usually remove seeds, core, and stem.

Moreover, does Starbucks use Blendtec or Vitamix? For years, Starbucks used a Blendtec blender, but the coffee giant eventually switched over to Vitamix, which created a blender specifically for Starbucks’ needs. Today, you’ll see the 48-ounce Vitamix Blending Station Advance, better known as “The Quiet One,” in nearly every Starbucks you go to around the world.

In this manner, how do you use the Cleanblend blender?

Is a Vitamix better than a ninja?

The Vitamix 5200 is much better than the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender. The Vitamix’s motor is more powerful, and it can handle smaller particles to create smoother nut butter and smoothies. It also has a better build quality. However, the Ninja has a built-in heating element to make hot foods and is easier to clean.

Is Cleanblend a good blender?

The Verdict: The Cleanblend processes incredibly fine-textured smoothies and mixed drinks, but it’s not the easiest model to use, doesn’t come with any presets, and runs on the loud side. But if you can find it for $200, it’s a good value, particularly for making smoothies and slushy drinks.

Is Cleanblend dishwasher safe?

The Cleanblend is also dishwasher safe. There is plenty of ventilation for this product to adequately dry when placed on the base and the text is clear and easy to read on the controls.

Is NutriBullet as good as Vitamix?

The NutriBullets do less than Vitamix blenders, but what they can do (blend smoothies) they do extremely well – better than other models. With a NutriBullet you can blend and drink from the same cup – a simple but super handy perk – and less washing-up if you’re never quite sure how to clean a blender.

Is Vitamix better than a blender?

The differences in design between the two blenders ultimately affect the way they perform. By and large, the Vitamix is one of the most efficient and effective blenders out there. It creates smooth blends, and while there is some clumping, the tamp is a helpful tool to get things going smoothly.

Is Vitamix made in China?

This particular product is made in China. However, this is a family owned business headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. As far as I can tell, they employ a few hundred here in the states.

What blenders do Jamba Juice use?

Remarkably, the Blendtec Stealth 875 blenders are used in all Jamba Juice stores. Since 1983, Blendtec has been producing professional blenders for the foodservice sector. With its new Stealth series of high-performance blenders, they bring the same quality into your personal kitchen.

What can a Vitamix do that a blender can t?


Yes, it will blend. Creamy soups, thick dips, sticky dough, dense cake batter, fruit smoothies, boozy blended drinks, DIY nut flours, raw juices made from whole fruits and vegetables, chunky nut butters—all of it will blend. And the list doesn’t end there. The list doesn’t end at all.

What is the healthiest blender?

Here are the 5 best blenders for making smoothies.

  • Vitamix Pro 750. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $$$ …
  • Nutribullet Pro. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $ …
  • Ninja Professional. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $ …
  • Breville Fresh and Furious. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $$ …
  • Blendtec Classic 575. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $$$

Who makes blendtec?

K-TEC, Inc.

Why is Vitamix more expensive than NutriBullet?

Vitamix is on the premium high-performance market, while Nutribullet is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. As you may know, Nutribullet is famous for its “bullet blenders,” or in simple terms, personal-size smoothie makers.

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