What is meant by color coding of kitchen equipment?

Red kitchen equipment is used for raw meat. Blue kitchen equipment is used for raw fish. Yellow kitchen equipment is used for cooked meats. Green kitchen equipment is used for salads and fruits. Brown kitchen equipment is used for vegetables.

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Also question is, what are the 3 category of kitchen tools equipment?

Kitchen equipment may be divided into three categories:

  • Large Equipment. Ranges, Steamers, boiling pans, fryers, tables, sinks etc.
  • Mechanical Equipment: Peelers, Mincing machines, mixers, refrigerators, dishwashers, exhausts etc.
  • Small Equipments and Utensils:
Likewise, what are the groups of kitchen equipment? Here are some basic food production equipment.

  • Burners. They are used for cooking, boiling, and steaming. …
  • Cooking Ranges. Cooking range is the most versatile equipment operating on either LPG or electricity. …
  • Ovens. …
  • Griddles. …
  • Pans and Cooking Spoons. …
  • Kettles. …
  • Vegetable Cutters/Choppers. …
  • Mixers.

Considering this, what colour cloths should be used in the kitchen?

The colour coding system relates to areas not specific items, therefore if your table is in a ‘low risk’ area such as an office or communal area Blue would be the colour to use. If however, the table was in a catering environment or kitchen, the recommended colour would be Green.

What do the knife colors mean?

Red for raw meat, Yellow for poultry, Green for vegetables & fruit and Blue for fish, Brown is used for cooked foods.

What food should blue color coded equipment be used for?

raw fish

What is color coding of chopping board?

A red chopping board is used for high-risk foods including chicken and other raw meats. The blue chopping board is used for the preparation of raw fish. The white chopping board is used for dairy products, such as the cutting of cheese. The yellow chopping board is used for the preparation of cooked meats.

What is kitchen paraphernalia?

usually refers to the large items in your kitchen. Such as the stove, refrig, micro. etc.

What is the colour code for food?

Color coded equipment can help a kitchen minimize contamination without affecting efficiency. Red handled knives or cutting boards are typically used with raw protein products such as beef, poultry and fish. Green is used for raw vegetables and white with other food products.

What is the difference between kitchen tools and kitchen equipment?

Utensil; 1) an implement, instrument, or vessel used in a household and especially a kitchen. 2) a useful tool or implement. Tool; a handheld device that aids in completing a task. Equipment; the implements used in an operation or activity.

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