What is culinary equipment?

COOKING EQUIPMENT means equipment, devices or appliances that can be utilized to prepare a meal within a dwelling unit and includes a sink, counter-top, gas or electric range or stove, counter-top cooking unit, hot plate, wall oven, microwave oven, convection oven, toaster oven, electric frying pan, electric wok, …

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In respect to this, what are commercial kitchen equipments?

Below we list the essential equipment that nearly every commercial kitchen should include, regardless of the menu.

  • Ranges and Griddles. Most food prep begins atop a gas or electric range with enough burners to prepare multiple servings at once. …
  • Deep Fryers. …
  • Work Stations. …
  • Knife Sets. …
  • Chef Wear.
Beside this, what are examples of equipment? Equipment is a tangible long-term asset that benefits a business over several years of use. Computers, trucks and manufacturing machinery are all examples of equipment. They are tangible because they have a physical form—unlike intangible assets (such as patents, trademarks or copyrights) that do not.

Considering this, what are the 3 categories of kitchen equipment?


  • LARGE EQUIPMENT – Ranges, steamers, boiling pans, fish-fryers, sinks, tables, etc.
  • MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT – Peelers, mincers, mixers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
  • UTENSILS AND SMALL EQUIPMENT – Pots, pans, whisks, bowls, spoons, etc.

What are the five equipment found in the kitchen?

The Top 5 Kitchen Utensils Every Home Cook Needs

  • Chef’s Knife. I’m not just talking about any old chef’s knife, I mean a good-quality one. …
  • Mixing Bowls. Mixing bowls are like your kitchen’s hands. …
  • Cutting Boards. A kitchen is not complete without cutting boards. …
  • Wooden Spoon & Spatula. …
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons.

What are the kitchen tools and equipment and their uses?

20 Kitchen Tools and Equipment and Their Uses

  • Pans. You cannot cook anything without a pan. …
  • Pots. Similar to the first item on this list, you cannot cook anything without a pot. …
  • Knives. Every cook chops, peels, and slices ingredients. …
  • Cutting Board. …
  • Ladle. …
  • Spatula. …
  • Measuring Spoons. …
  • Measuring Cups.

What are the tools and equipment used in food processing?

Food Processing Equipment

  • Bowl Choppers.
  • Marinating Injectors.
  • Meat Bandsaws.
  • Marinating Vacuum Tumblers.
  • Meat Grinders.
  • Meat Patty or Meatball Machines.
  • Meat Slicers.
  • Mixer Blender.

What are the tools equipment?

A tool can be any item that is used to achieve a goal. Equipment usually denotes a set of tools that are used to achieve a specific objective. A tool can be non-mechanical as well. However, when one says equipment, there is a certain mechanical aspect to it that cannot be ignored.

What equipment should be in a kitchen?

Having a variety of utensils is helpful to make different recipes. If you like to cook, go-to utensils like a vegetable peeler, wooden spoons, a meat mallet, slotted spoon, tongs, a ladle and nonstick spatulas are perfect. If you like to bake, a wire whisk and a rolling pin are especially useful.

What is kitchen equipment and types?

Kitchen equipment also includes serving utensils for example supper set, teapot set, plates of different sizes to suit distinctive serving purposes, bowls, saucers, glass products, table knives, spoons, forks, jugs, glass and much more. Chopping boards/Knives.

What is kitchen equipment called?

Kitchenware are the tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware used in food preparation, or the serving of food.

What is the difference between kitchen tools and kitchen equipment?

Utensil; 1) an implement, instrument, or vessel used in a household and especially a kitchen. 2) a useful tool or implement. Tool; a handheld device that aids in completing a task. Equipment; the implements used in an operation or activity.

What is the most important tool and equipment in the kitchen?

1. Chef’s Knife. This tool is by far one of the most important foundational tools in your kitchen.

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