What is Jess Lever baby called?

However, the pair split up and Jess moved on. The reality star welcomed her first baby, a baby boy called Presley James Lawry on 27th June 2019.

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Similarly one may ask, are Alex and Montana still together?

Sadly, their relationship did not have a happily ever after ending as they split up shortly after they came out of the villa. Montana took to Twitter to announce the break-up. She told her fans that she and Alex had made the decision to split as they had a difficult time making the relationship work on the outside.

Beside above, are Corey and Olivia still together? The answer is yes. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight after the Love Island season 3 finale, Olivia and Korey revealed that they’re still together and plan on travelling together, which is something they mentioned as a common interest on the show.

Regarding this, are Dom and Jess together?

Dom Lever and Jess Rose: Married

The season three couple wed in October 2018 and welcomed their first child, a son, the following October. “Here’s to 2020 with a full heart and everything I could ever want,” Jess wrote in an Instagram post on New Year’s Day.

Are Jessica shears and Dom lever still together?

Are Jess and Dom married? Yes! The pair secretly married on the Greek Island of Mykonos back in 2018.

Are NAS and Eva still together?


Eva and Nas left the villa together, shortly after Nas brought Eva back from Casa Amor. They are currently still an item!

Did Mike sleep with Jess?

Now Mike’s ex, a paediatric nurse, has told The Sun that he confirmed to her that they DID sleep together. She said: “Mike said he did have sex with Jess. “They definitely did sleep together.” She also added that she was “shocked” that Mike returned to the villa, as he never told her he was going to.

Do Jess and Mike have kids?

The pair have a daughter and Jess has another child from a previous relationship. When the couple started posting the videos, viewers commented that they had showed them what ‘true love looks like’.

Is Jessica Shears married?

Love Island’s Dom Lever and Jessica Shears get married in “intimate” ceremony. “People said we wouldn’t last but now we’re husband and wife.” Congratulations are in order for Love Island couple Jess Shears and Dom Lever, as they’ve married in an intimate ceremony on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Is there gonna be a love island 2021?

Love Island 2021 started on Monday 28th June at 9pm on ITV2. Episodes air every night (except Saturdays) at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

What happened to Jess Love Island?

Jessica Hayes became one half of Love Island’s first winning couple back in 2015, along with Max Morley. Sadly, their romance just wasn’t to be and they broke up just over a month after leaving the villa. She’s currently happy with fiancĂ©, mechanic Dan Lawry, with whom she had her first child in June 2019.

Where are Dom and Jess now?


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