What are the shortcut keys for Blender?

Blender for beginners – Global Keys and shortcuts

  • Ctrl+O – Open File.
  • Ctrl+S – Save File.
  • Ctrl+N – New File.
  • Ctrl+Z – Undo.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo.
  • Ctrl+Q – Quit.
  • F1 – Help (context-sensitive)
  • F2 – Rename Active Item.

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Besides, what does Alt and F3 do?

Alt+F3: Create an AutoText entry from selected text. Shift+F3: Change the case of selected text.

Also to know is, what does Alt l do in Blender? Give your Blender workflow on Windows a boost with these keyboard shortcuts.
Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad 0 Move active camera to view
Ctrl + NumPad 0 Set as active camera
Selection in Edit Mode
Ctrl + L Select connected mesh

Also question is, what does ctrl do in Blender?

Ctrl – A – Select all text. Ctrl – C – Copy the selected text. Ctrl – X – Cut the selected text. Ctrl – V – Paste text at the cursor position.

What does Ctrl H do in Blender?

Common Keyboard Hotkeys in Blender’s 3D View

Hotkey Description
H Hide selected
Alt+H Reveal all
I Insert keyframe
Ctrl+J Join selected objects

What does Ctrl R do in Blender?

What does F3 do in Blender?

F3: Operator Search (also Cmd-F on macos). F4: File Context Menu.

What does shift F4 do in Blender?

SHIFT+F4 — (Pre-Blender-2.5) bring up object database browser.

What is Alt Z in Blender?

ago. Additional comment actions. Alt-Z should toggle X-ray mode in Solid & Wireframe Modes. Z should give you the pie menu to select Wireframe modes etc. You can also enable xray on the top bar.

What is Ctrl B in Blender?

A render border is defined by Ctrl-B and can be removed with Ctrl-Alt-B . You can also use this border in a final render by setting a render border from within the Camera View and enabling Border in the Dimensions panel.

What is Ctrl T in Blender?

Select any shader node, Ctrl – T and an image texture with nodes controlling coordinates will be added. If you select any texture node, only the Texture Coordinate and Mapping nodes will be added. A background shader will get an Environment Texture node with generated mapping.

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