What happened to Scooping Bowl Shark Tank?

On the show, he accepted a $75,000 investment from the Queen of QVC Lori Greiner in exchange for 33.3 percent equity. Greiner said of the bowl: “It’s a better mouse trap. … Since Shark Tank, the Peoples Design Scooping Bowl sold out and there haven’t been any updates on the company’s social media accounts since (May).

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Moreover, is Peoples Design still in business?

The company, under the trading name Peoples Designs, is out of business. The social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, have been dormant for years and the website no longer functions.

One may also ask, what happened to Squeebie? After rebranding it to The Squeebie Bowl, they sold $500,000 in the two years after the original air date. Sometime in 2018, something happened and the products became unavailable. As of May, 2021, the website is dark, but a renamed “Squeebie Bowl” is for sale on this Facebook Page.

Additionally, what is the most successful product on Shark Tank?


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