What is a cement spatula used for?

Cement Spatulas are metal spatulas used to mix and load cement and other materials into crowns or inlay/onlay preparations.

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Correspondingly, how much does a micro spatula hold?

1.0 and 0.25 ml
In this regard, what are gutta percha points? Gutta-percha points are indispensable in the field of endodontics, setting the benchmark for filling materials. The substance helps clinicians achieve a complete and fluid-tight seal of the root canal system for predictable canal obturations and successful long-term treatment outcomes.

Additionally, what are the types of spatulas used in dental laboratories?

  • All Choose by Plastic Type.
  • Amber Plastic.
  • Barrier Plastics.
  • HDPE.
  • LDPE.
  • PET and PETG.
  • PFA, PTFE and Teflon.
  • Polypropylene.

What is a spatula used for in dentistry?

Spatulas are used to mix dental materials such as cement, wax or impression material. These spatulas can also be used to load the material needed into the dental preparation. Straight spatula, the handle is arabesquitic, of handling, flat and smooth.

What is agate spatula?

Agate Spatula for Used For Mixing Glass Ionomer Cement.

What is amalgam condenser?

Description. This instrument is made of high grade stainless steel and is used to condense amalgam and composite into class I and II cavity preparations. It is an essential packing instrument to insure optimal contact of the restorative material with the walls of the preparation.

What is dental burnisher?

A burnisher is a dental instrument commonly used to ensure that amalgam restorations are smooth and free of irregularities. The working end of a burnisher is smooth and rounded.

What is plastic spatula?

The straight shafted spatulas are most often used for scraping food from the sides of pots, stirring ingredients in curved bowls or folding ingredients into each other. They are generally made of a flexible silicone plastic that can move easily around and form into the shape of bowls, pans, and pots.

What is the ratio for mixing alginate?


Which spatula is used for alginate mixing?

A spatula is “a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift material.

Surname Cement Spatula
curvature Straight
Handle Hand Held Single – Ended
Finishing Mirror Polish Finishing
Instrument Type Dental Wax/Cement Spatula

Why agate spatula is used for mixing GIC?

Agate spatula is used for mixing glass ionomer and composite resin materials in order to prevent incorporation of metal and corrosive particles in cement.

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