Are all sink strainers the same?

While some strainers are designed to fit with specific kitchen drain assemblies, many strainers will fit a variety of drains. Check dimension ranges (if they’re available) to be sure, but if your drain hole is around 3.5 inches, a standard strainer assembly is likely to fit.

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Similarly one may ask, are all kitchen sink strainer baskets the same size?

Kitchen sink basket strainers are the same size. The basket assembly can fit the sink drain opening every time. You don’t have to measure it, you don’t have to measure the size of your sink drain hole, this is the standard in the industry.

Correspondingly, are kitchen sink drains universal? Yes, kitchen sink drains today are universal. They’re generally 3 ½ inches in diameter and are larger than bathroom drains, which are 1 ¼ inch in diameter. Kitchen sink drains are the same size as most standard-sized shower drains.

Also to know is, do sink strainers come in different sizes?

Don’t worry whether the strainer can fit your sink drain or not. The standard drain opening size is 3-1/2”, and some are 4”. This deep cup strainer can cover from 3-1/2” to 4” drain openings. If you are still concerned about the size, measure the diameter of your sink drain opening like below.

Do sinks come with strainers?

Strainer basket: This part fits into the opening at the bottom of your sink basin. It helps collect food debris and is typically an optional product, though some sinks come with them. Universal replacement strainer baskets are available.

How do I choose a kitchen sink strainer?

How do I install a new basket strainer?

How do I measure for a replacement sink strainer?

How to Measure a Sink Drain Opening for a Crumb Cup

  1. Measure the drain opening across its widest part. This gives you the diameter of the drain circle.
  2. Insert the end of the measuring tape into the drain, beside the edge. …
  3. Note the measurements on a piece of paper and take them with you when you shop for a crumb cup.

How long do sink strainers last?

A durable strainer can last a lifetime. Buyer’s guides list sink strainers that are corrosion-resistant and well-constructed from high-quality stainless steel, as the best value for your money. They usually cost around $30.

What is a basket strainer waste?

A waste strainer makes washing up that little bit easier by acting as both a plug to allow the sink to fill with water and a basket to catch any food debris before it can escape down the plughole. Prevent any subsequent blockages with a strainer waste kit and simply pull the basket up to release the water.

What is the difference between a strainer and a colander?

A strainer is really a catchall name for any type of, well, strainer. It is usually fine mesh and bowl-shaped, good for rinsing a pint of berries or draining pasta. A colander is typically a larger bowl-shaped strainer, often with bigger holes (although that’s not always the case).

What size is a kitchen sink strainer?

FITS STANDARD SINKS: The size of the basket strainer is 3.2 inch which can fit for most American standard kitchen sink drains with 3-1/2 inch drain hole.

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