5 Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer Reviews

Are you currently looking for an air fryer toaster oven to add to your kitchen?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

An air fryer toaster oven is simply a regular toaster that also comes with an air frying cooking function.

You can use it for baking, defrosting, toasting, and to cook a wide variety of foods such as:

  • French fries
  • Pizzas
  • Bread

But one of the big reasons why I like to use an air fryer toaster oven is that it can help make several of the above foods much healthier to eat.

For example, a toaster oven with an air fryer function can reduce the fat content of certain foods by up to 75%.

This lets me enjoy some of my favorite fried foods, but without sacrificing my health to do so – and you can easily do the same!

In this article, I’ll dive into what I believe are some of the best air fryer toaster ovens on the market today, and I’ll also help you out on how to choose the best air fryer oven 2021.

How to Choose an Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The key things I recommend you look for in a toaster oven with an air fryer are:

Brand Reliability/Reputation

First and foremost, I would make sure that you are buying from a reliable and reputable brand.

Some of the best kitchen appliance manufacturers are:

  • Ninja
  • Cuisinart
  • Breville
  • Black+Decker

Pricing & Upkeep

Airfryer toaster ovens are available across a wide variety of different price points, ranging from one hundred dollars for the cheaper models up to several hundred dollars for the higher-end options.

As a golden rule, the more you pay for an air fryer, the more features it will come with. For example, high-end air fryers can have:

  • An LC display
  • Practical accessories like pans, trays, forks, etc.
  • Adjustable timers
  • Preset cooking modes

The good thing is air fryers are pretty cheap to maintain. While it varies depending on the specific air fryer and what you will use it for, running it for an hour should require less than 5kWh.

Air fryers are also very easy to clean, as most of the extra parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Unit Size + Food Capacity

In general, air fryer toaster ovens are available in two basic sizes: medium and large. From experience, I can tell you that larger toaster ovens are often more versatile because of the extra surface area they have.

A medium-sized air fryer toaster oven will hold between four to six slices of toast. A large toaster oven can usually hold eight or more.

If you plan to mostly be cooking just for yourself and/or for your spouse/partner, a medium-sized air fryer oven should be sufficient. For families or larger gatherings, a larger sized one is vastly preferable.

Functions & Cooking Modes

There are five basic functions that most airfryer toaster ovens come with:

  • Air frying
  • Baking
  • Broiling
  • Reheating
  • Toasting

More expensive models will also come with dehydration and slow cook functions. Again, I would think ahead about what you plan to cook.

Does It Cook Food Evenly & How Fast?

There should be no cold spots on anything that you cook in an air fryer, so make sure you buy a model that does not have a reputation for doing so.

Cooking times vary depending on the food, but in general, most meats should take less than thirty minutes, vegetables less than twenty, and frozen foods less than fifteen minutes when you cook with air fryers.

Now that we’ve covered what you should look for, here are my recommendations for the best air fryer toaster oven combos:

1# Ninja Foodi – Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer 2021 and 2022

Even though it’s quite an expensive air fryer at around two hundred dollars, the Ninja Foodi is the best toaster oven air fryer to buy in 2021.


Because it offers impressive eight-in-one functionality and is capable of cooking up to 60% faster than a traditional oven!

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Unit Size + Food Capacity

The Ninja Foodi is a large air fryer, with dimensions of 9.72 by 7.56 by 14.96 inches and a total weight of just under sixteen pounds.

It can handle nine slices of packaged bread at once, and you can also fit a 13-inch pizza, about 4 pounds of fries, or 7-8 chicken breasts/drumsticks in the air fry basket in one go.

The best thing about this air fryer oven is that when it’s not in use, you can flip it to one side and stand it towards the back of your kitchen counter! That saves a lot of precious space.

Functions & Cooking Modes

Even though the Ninja Foodi lacks pre-programmed preset options, it still comes with eight different cooking modes:

  • ‘Pressure’ to cook food quickly but keep it tender.
  • ‘Steam’ to cook delicate foods at high temperatures (good for seafood and vegetables).
  • ‘Slow cook’ (good for stews and soup).
  • ‘Sear’ for browning meats or simmering different sauces.
  • ‘Air Crisp’ for air frying.
  • ‘Bake/Roast’ to make cakes and bread, or to roast meat.
  • ‘Broil’ for browning your food.
  • ‘Dehydrate’ fruit, vegetables, and meat.


When you buy the Ninja Foodi, you also get:

  • A cooking rack
  • Air fry basket
  • Sheet pan
  • Crumb tray

Each of these accessories is very durable and made of high-quality materials.

Does It Cook Food Evenly & How Fast?

The Ninja Foodi is designed to cook food up to 60% faster than a traditional oven on the roast mode, and you can have full meals prepared in as little as twenty minutes.

The baking option should bake cakes or bread up to 40% faster than a traditional oven.

Toasting takes about 2-3 minutes, and the slices come out with a nice golden-brown shade.

It cooks the rest of the foods evenly too, but you need to shake, flip, or toss your food a couple of times to get the best results. I also suggest rotating the cooking basket midway.

All in all, the Ninja Foodi is the best air fryer and toaster oven for 2021. It may take up more space on your countertop, but it also cooks very fast and is very versatile in what it can do.

2# Breville BOV900BSS – Best Convection Oven Air Fryer

Another toaster oven air fryer I wholeheartedly recommend is the Breville BOV900BSS.

It is a luxurious kitchen tool (and the quality is certainly reflected in the price!) that comes with a convection fan, six different heating elements, thirteen pre-programmed cooking methods, and an attractive LC display.

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Unit Size + Food Capacity

The Breville BOV900BSS definitely falls under the large category for air fryers. The dimensions measure 18.5 by 26 by 17 inches, with a total weight of just under thirty-nine pounds.

I’ll be the first to say that this may be a bit too bulky for small kitchens, but then again, the Breville can cook a full chicken and large meat cuts + bake loaves of bread.

You can also fit nine slices of toast, a thirteen-inch pizza, or a twelve-cup muffin tray.

Functions & Cooking Modes

One of the things I like about the Breville the most is how it comes with thirteen different cooking options. These are:

  • ‘Toast’ cooks the top layer of your bread while keeping the inner layers soft and moist.
  • ‘Bagel’ cooks bagels and other specialty thick bread.
  • ‘Broil’ sears the top sides of your food at higher temperatures.
  • ‘Bake’ heats evenly on the top and bottom of the oven for cakes and bread.
  • ‘Roasting’ is excellent for cooking thicker slices of meats (make sure you use Rack #6).
  • ‘Pizza’ melts the cheese and crisps the toppings of homemade pizzas.
  • ‘Proof’ generates a certain level of heat to raise yeasty bread and other doughs.
  • ‘Air Fry’ mimics oil-based deep fryers to crisp your food.
  • ‘Reheat’ frozen or refrigerated foods.
  • ‘Cookies:’ good for baking homemade cookies.
  • ‘Slow cook’ uses lower temperatures to cook food slowly.
  • Dehydrates fruit, vegetables, and meat.
  • The ‘Keep Warm’ function.


The Breville comes with 6 accessories:

  • Pizza pan (13 inches)
  • Wire racks x2
  • Broiling rack (9×13)
  • Baking pan (9×13)
  • Crumb tray
  • Air Fry basket

Does It Cook Food Evenly & How Fast?

The Breville BOV900BSS is designed to distribute heat evenly on both the top and bottom of the appliance. The ‘Rotate’ reminder lets you know when it’s time to turn the pan so that foods come out evenly crisped.

You can cook food faster using the ‘Super Convection’ mode, although be aware that at a higher rate of convection, the foods come out crispier.

Overall, the Breville BOV900BSS may be expensive and bulky, but you’re also buying a more luxurious appliance with lots of features and cooking options. The non-stick cavity coating, high-quality heating system, interior light, and digital display make it one of the best buys in 2021.

3# Cuisinart TOA-60 – Best Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

Another toaster oven air fryer I recommend is the Cuisinart TOA-60.

It’s one of the most popular toaster oven air fryers on the market, and it holds that distinction for a reason:

It has seven different cooking functions, a more traditional look with control dials rather than an LED display, and comes in a more competitive price range.

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Unit Size + Food Capacity

The Cuisinart TOA-60 is a full-size oven with the ability to cook for three to four people at once. It has dimensions of 15.5 by 16 by 14 inches, with a total weight of twenty-one pounds.

It can easily hold a four-pound chicken, six slices of bread, or a twelve-inch pizza.

Functions & Cooking Modes

The TOA-60 offers seven different cooking functions:

  • ‘Air Frying’ to crisp your foods.
  • ‘Convection Bake’ circulates very hot air with a fan, cooking foods faster.
  • ‘Convection Broil’ adds two convection fans to the mix to circulate heat and cook your food faster.
  • ‘Bake’ is perfect for making cakes and bread.
  • ‘Broil’ browns the top sides of your food at higher temperatures.
  • ‘Toast’ cooks the top layer of bread while keeping the inner layers soft and moist.
  • ‘Keep Warm’


When you buy the TOA-60, you also get:

  • Air Fryer Basket
  • Crumb Tray/Baking Pan
  • Oven Rack

Take note that none of these accessories are dishwasher safe, and they must be hand washed.

Does It Cook Food Evenly & How Fast?

The TOA-60 comes with convection baking and broiling functions, which means that the fans circulate hot air evenly throughout the interior for more even cooking. Baking is the best choice for bread and pizzas for even results.

With the TOA-60, you can cook food at twice the speed of conventional ovens.  

All in all, the Cuisinart TOA-60 is a solid choice for a toaster oven air fryer. It has a non-stick interior and is very user friendly, although the use of turn dials rather than a more modernized LED display may make it seem outdated to some.

Great Low-Budget Toaster Oven Air Fryers

If you’re on a budget, here are a couple of the best toaster oven air fryers at a much lower price.

Black + Decker TO3265XSSD – Best Budget Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Black and Decker have been in the business of making high-quality kitchen appliances for decades. Their Crisp n’Bake toaster oven/air fryer is an excellent alternative to our top picks reviewed above.

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Multiple Cooking Functions

The Crisp n’Bake is large enough to cook a twelve-inch pizza or eight slices of toast at the same time. It has a durable stainless-steel construction and comes with five cooking functions:

  • Air frying
  • Baking
  • Toasting
  • Broiling
  • ‘Keep Warm’

The control knobs on the device make it easy to switch between these functions, in addition to setting the sixty-minute timer.

Doesn’t Use Much Oil

What I absolutely love about the Crisp n’Bake is that it doesn’t need a lot of oil to fry things. Just keep an olive oil sprayer on standby, and you’ll be more than prepared to cook most foods! Those kind of ovens are great if you choose to cook without oil!

Cooking Technology

The Crisp n’Bake has four separate heating elements, two on the top and two more on the bottom. The top of the oven will become very hot, so wear oven mitts and do not place your phone or tablet on top of the oven.

Another thing I don’t like about the Crisp n’Bake is that it lacks an internal lighting system. Your kitchen better have plenty of light, if you don’t want to worry about this!

Overall, for the money, the Black and Decker Crisp n’Bake (TO3265XSSD) is not a bad choice for a toaster oven air fryer. If you’re on a budget and want something cheaper that works, I’d check it out!

Emeril Lagasse

I’ll be upfront:

The Emeril Lagasse is a little bit larger than many of the other toaster oven air fryers on the market, so you may need to clear some space on your kitchen countertop just to make room for it.

But once you get it set up, you may find yourself using this air fryer on a near-daily basis for your various cooking needs.

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A Multi-Functional Tool

The Emeril Lagasse is designed to function as a possible replacement or alternative to your countertop convection oven. It comes with five separate heating elements that closely mimic a commercial quality oven.

You can use it for:

  • Dehydrating
  • Broiling
  • Slow cooking
  • Air frying
  • Toasting

Personally, I’m all about kitchen items that can fulfill multiple roles, so even though the Emeril Lagasse may take up more space in your kitchen, I wouldn’t complain!

Large Air Frying Pan

For your Air Frying needs, the Emeril Lagasse comes with a crisper tray that’s over ten inches deep and eleven inches wide.

This is a lot of surface area for an air fryer, which explains why the Emeril Lagasse is such a large unit.

Preheats Fast

You need to preheat your Emeril Lagasse unit before you can begin cooking food.

Note that it will start beeping when it reaches the appropriate cooking temperature and immediately start the cooking timer. Watch carefully for this, or you will lose cooking time!

Easy to Use

The Emeril Lagasse is also quite easy to operate and is very user friendly, but it does have one annoying feature:

After you press ‘Start,’ you can’t change the time or the temperature until you click pause to start over.

You need to know exactly what the temperature has to be and how long you need to cook your food before you begin.

All in all, the Emeril Lagasse is a solid choice for an air fryer. It has plenty of room for you to cook, is quite versatile thanks to its many cooking options, and comes at a decent price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Toaster Oven with Air Fryer?

The best toaster oven air fryer right now is the Ninja Foodi. It has everything you need in a toaster oven air fryer combo, including non-stick coating, an LC light display, convection fans, and eight-in-one cooking functionality.

What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

There are tons of different foods that you can cook in a toaster oven air fryer – pretty much anything you can fry on a pan!

A few examples of the things you can cook include:

• Frozen foods• Seafood• Pork chops• Homemade pizzas• Pizza rolls• Meatballs• Onion Rings• Steaks• Chicken• French fries• Potatoes• Macaroni and cheese

What are the Benefits of Cooking with an Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

The biggest benefit of an airfryer toaster oven is that it mimics the results of deep drying, but with much healthier results. Many foods will have their fat content reduced by up 75%.

You can also cook small batches of food much quicker than with a conventional oven.

Can You Use an Air Fryer as a Toaster Oven?

No, an air fryer can’t be used as a toaster oven because these appliances use different cooking mechanisms. If you want to toast bread and fry foods with the same unit, you’ll need a toaster oven air fryer combo.

what is the largest air fryer toaster oven?

The largest air fryer toaster oven is the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 XL with a capacity of 1830 cubic inches.

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