Is Sanford a Japanese company?

Sanford Japan Electronics Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U29305KA2010PTC054998 and its registration number is 54998.

CIN U29305KA2010PTC054998
Company Status Active
RoC RoC-Bangalore
Registration Number 54998

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Also, did PaperMate buy Sanford?

Paper Mate is a registered division of Sanford L.P.

Type Subsidiary
Area served Worldwide
Products Ballpoint and gel pens, mechanical pencils, erasers, correction fluids
Owner Newell Brands
Parent Sanford L.P.
Keeping this in view, where is Geepas made? Company Description: GEEPAS ELECTRONICS SRL is located in AFUMATI, Romania and is part of the Household Appliances and Electrical and Electronic Goods Merchant Wholesalers Industry.

In this way, where is Sanford brand made?

Sanford has manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Wisconsin, California, Canada, Mexico, and Thailand, and several locations in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Latin America. It sells its products worldwide. Sanford started out in Worcester, Massachusetts, the project of two investors, Frederick W.

Which country is Sanford?

United States
Sanford, Florida
Country United States
State Florida
County Seminole
Incorporated September 29, 1877

Who owns Sanford pens?

Newell Brands
Formerly Sanford Manufacturing Co. (1857–) Sanford L.P. Sanford B2B
Headquarters Atlanta , United States
Area served Worldwide
Brands Sharpie Paper Mate Expo Parker Waterman
Parent Newell Brands (since 1992)

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