What is a horsetail whisk used for?

The Fuchen (Horsetail Whisk) is an unorthodox weapon that truly combines the Yin and Yang with a hard handle and soft, whip-like tail that can be used to aim for pressure points and strike, block, deflect, attack, and more importantly, snatch an opponent’s weapon then counter-attack.

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Just so, what does fly whisk mean?

whisk for brushing away flies

Thereof, what is a fly whisk made of? A fly-whisk forms part of the royal regalia of Thailand. It consists of the tail hairs of a white elephant. Fly-whisks were also used in Polynesian culture as a ceremonial mark of authority.

People also ask, what is a horse whisk?

When you observe your horses in the pasture, you often see them standing head to tail. This allows them to relax while gently flicking the bugs from their friend’s face. A fly whisk emulates a horse’s tail, and in fact many are manufactured from genuine horse hair.

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